The signature tune used was arranged by Derek Goom using motifs and key changes from 'Prelude No. 2 in C Minor' from 'The Well-Tempered Clavier' Book 1 by Johann Sebastian Bach.

The character of Jean Darblay, the first woman inspector in a small-town Lancashire police station, was based on the experiences of Wynne Darwin, a real-life woman inspector in the Lancashire force.

Stephanie Turner left after three series because she feared typecasting.

Edward Peel (DCI Mark Perrin) revealed in a 2009 interview that he still received letters from fans of the series, 24 years since it finished.

The title "Juliet Bravo" is the inspector's call-sign, JB, expressed in the radio phonetic alphabet.

Episode Juliet Bravo: Chasing the Dragon (1985) was widely criticised by the media and politicians after it was first shown in 1985. The story centres around a schoolgirl who had become a heroin addict. It was felt that too much detail was shown of the ways in which heroin can be administered and that this might encourage school children to copy what they had seen.

The series was parodied in Alexei Sayle's Stuff: Whistling Calculus for Tax Purposes (1989) which Stephanie Turner appeared in character as Inspector Jean Darblay.