Filmed during the milk bottle size and shape changeover period: S1 Episodes 1, 5 & 6 feature the older tall style; episode 2 features the stubbier replacement style.

Brian Cooke, who had once been a cartoonist, based the series partly on his own life and partly on the lifestyle of his director friend Mark Stuart, who had a tall, thin house in Highgate and had converted the ground floor into a self contained flat for his daughter.

Was adapted for US audiences and became the show Too Close for Comfort (1980) with Ted Knight.

The show was originally conceived as a comedy vehicle for the actress Paula Wilcox, titled Family Affairs.

Rehearsals for the show took place at Putney United Reform Church, London.

Every episode was recorded in Studio One at Teddington Studios.

Jenny Quayle left after series two and was replaced by Sabina Franklyn. The title sequence was subsequently changed from the more expensive animated titles to a simple photo album of black and white photographs.

Robert Gillespie and Glyn Houston had previously appeared together as police officers in S1 E6 Robin's Nest: A Matter of Note (1977) of Robin's Nest (1977).