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  • Please let me know if you have. I have been looking for any detailed comments that I can find but most are very vague. Would love to see this show out on DVD. Shirley was very funny on What's Happening!! and What's Happening Now!! It's a shame this show didn't make it further or she wasn't given a chance at another series of her own. I always thought she would have been great in her own film series as well. Does anyone know why TV-One was set to air the show and then cancelled it from their schedule? Apparently, there were some other well-known actors in this series. Among them, Keene Curtis and the mayor from Murder, She Wrote. Any info provided would be appreciated greatly!
  • This series proved that, contrary to cynical claims, it was actually possible to underestimate the intelligence of the viewing audience.

    The premise of the show was that a street-wise cabbie (Shirley) could inherit control of a powerful corporation, and make it a force for "good", where "good" is defined by the envious and illiterate. Shirley would, for example, insist that the corporation which had been extracting profit from the community begin returning that profit to the community, as if trade were a zero-sum game and profit were somehow unfair.

    I have no idea whether the writers subscribed to such theories, or were attempting to pander to the worst among us. But, in any event, the worst were sufficiently few in number that the show was cancelled in its first season.