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Several actors went on to act on the mothership soap, Another World, after the cancellation of Texas, only as completely different characters: Carla Borelli (Reena Bellman Cook Dekker, Texas/Barbara Van Arkdale, Another World), Jerry Lanning (Justin Marshall, Texas/Dr. Russ Matthews, Another World), Alexandra Neil (Ruby Wright, Texas/Emily Benson, Another World), Morgan Freeman (Detective Michaels, Texas/Roy Bingham, Another World), David Forsyth (T.J. Canfield, Texas/Dr. John Hudson, Another World), Benjamin Hendrickson (Chris Shaw, Texas/Sgt. Bartlett, Another World) and Virginia Graham (Stella Stanton, Texas/Virginia Graham, Another World).

The following actors later returned to Another World after Texas ended, as the same characters they had played on both soaps before: Jim Poyner (Dennis Carrington, Texas & Another World) and Gretchen Oehler (Vivien Gorrow, Texas & Another World).

The last broadcast was 31 December 1982.

Texas was the first daytime soap opera to air hour-long episodes from its inception, as all the other hour-long soaps airing at the time had expanded from thirty minutes.

This series was originally intended as a historical soap opera set in 19th century Louisiana, but NBC wanted to capitalize on the success of CBS's Dallas (1978) and asked for changes in the format.

Country singers Tom T. Hall, Johnny Paycheck all made appearances on the show.

Songwriter Kenny O'Dell was a daily viewer and got his inspiration from this soap opera to write the hit song "Mama, he's crazy" which The Judds took to number one to the country charts,