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  • i only remember watching this show because it had susan buckner in it,who i had see play 'patty simcox' in 'grease' a few years before and i thought she was incredibly sexy. i remember the show being extremely inane and in dyer need of better comedy writers and better plots,but that did'nt stop me from tuning every week for about a month or so,to oggle and drool over the sumptuous miss buckner in an array of skin tight jeans,skin tight tops,work boots and a hard hat lolling the shows worksite. i remember the show being about a crew of comical misfits causing there bosses furrowed brows and red faces over there shenanigans over the span of a half hour. but alas the show wasn't good enough to generate much more from me other than a passing yen for the buxom miss buckner. to bad though,she was really quite hot.
  • stubbers25 November 2011
    When The Whistle Blows was revived for one season (plus Christmas special) in 2006. The show was relocated to a factory in Wigan, Northern England and concentrated on the factory floor banter between Ray Stokes (played by Andy Millman) and his motley collection of employees.

    The show's undoubted potential was sadly smothered by incredibly broad, lowbrow production values in a desperate attempt to win viewers. It ended up being the kind of show that 4 year olds would enjoy, due to the overuse of catchphrases and silly wigs etc. There were a couple of inappropriate celebrity appearances as well which seemed forced and contrived, either for camp kitsch value, eg Keith Chegwin's appearance as "Keith"; or else blatant product placement, eg Chris Martin from Coldplay who just happened to turn up in the factory to plug his new absolutely ridiculous, mental scenario.

    The Christmas special, which proved to be the last ever episode of When The Whistle Blows, involved flying the regulars out to Spain.

    Andy Millman's career never really took off after the dire reviews received for When The Whistle Blows. True, he made a notable appearance as a slug in Doctor Who, and his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother was briefly famous for an emotional outpouring of hatred for the celebrity lifestyle, but sadly for Andy the public still only associate him with When The Whistle Blows.

    Shaun Williamson (Barry from EastEnders) was rumoured to have been lined up to replace Andy Millman in the role of Ray Stokes, but due to management/agency issues, the BBC never commissioned another series.