Edward Delaney: What else can you tell me about the wound?

Dr. Sanford Ferguson: Well, penetration was straight down into the skull. Now, what does that tell *you*?

Edward Delaney: Well, it could tell me that the killer is at least 4 or 5 inches taller than the victim, hmm?

Dr. Sanford Ferguson: Yeah, unless he was standing on a box. Did you see a box out there?

Edward Delaney: No, doctor.

Dr. Sanford Ferguson: Six feet, and quick.

Edward Delaney: And powerful. And also well-dressed. And white - otherwise Gilbert would never let him get that close to him.

Dr. Sanford Ferguson: You know, Delaney, the intricacies of your mind never cease to amaze me.

Dr. Bernardi: [Delaney's arrived at the hospital where his wife has been operated on] Sergeant Delaney, they got ahold of you.

Edward Delaney: Yeah, they said it was some kind of an emergency. What happened?

Dr. Bernardi: Well, several hours ago Barbara began running a high fever, and experiencing severe pain in the lumbar region. She was going into shock, so we thought it best to operate. We, uh, had to remove one of her kidneys.

Edward Delaney: [confused] Removed? What?

Dr. Bernardi: It was very badly infected. Diseased. Rotted. We had no other choice.

Edward Delaney: "Diseased"? With *what*?

Dr. Bernardi: Well, we're still not sure. It's down in the lab, we'll know in the morning.

[Delaney looks a bit stunned]

Dr. Bernardi: Sergeant, a person can live with one kidney.

Edward Delaney: [getting angry] Listen, she's been in here for one week. You told me originally that if it was a kidney stone, she'd be outta' here in a couple of days.

Dr. Bernardi: I know what I said, Sergeant. I was wrong.

Edward Delaney: [slightly incredulous] You were wrong?

Dr. Bernardi: Sergeant, I'm not God.

Edward Delaney: Yeah, that's pretty obvious, isn't it?

Edward Delaney: [asking Mrs. Gilbert some questions about her murdered husband] Did he have any, uh, any enemies that you knew of?

Monica Gilbert: "Enemies"?

Edward Delaney: Enemies.

Monica Gilbert: Of course he had enemies. He worked hard for a living, he saluted the flag, he loved his children. And after 7 years I think he still loved me. What hard-working person in this city doesn't have enemies?

Edward Delaney: I'm sorry.

Monica Gilbert: Yeah, I know, I know. It's just so damn rotten, you know what I mean? He was such a good man, and...

[pauses, becomes emotional]

Monica Gilbert: You want to do me a favor, Mr. policeman? Until you find whoever it was that murdered my husband, don't tell me you're sorry. Please?

[Delaney quietly nods in agreement]

Calvin Samtell: Hey! What'd you wanna' know?

Edward Delaney: I just wanted to know why you moved so often.

Calvin Samtell: It's because I got a wife who's as big an asshole as you are, and keeps movin' me from one V.A. hospital to the next lookin' for a miracle.

[Delaney quietly nods, turns and leaves]

Captain Broughton: I was put in here because this precinct has become a shit-house. Sloppy, inefficient, antiquated... They needed somebody to clean it up, put it in touch with the 20th century. That's me. Now Delaney, I have made my reputation kickin' ass and never suckin' up to the brass. And I intend to make the 27th a shining example of how mechanization and good old-fashioned discipline can turn a piss-hole back into a police station. I dote on absolute loyalty, dedication, and everybody doing what they're told to do, and when I order people to do a certain job, I don't want anyone takin' 'em off for a special assignment. Now, that brings us to you, Delaney

Edward Delaney: Captain, I been workin' on the Gilbert murder, and I think there's a link between his killing and several other killings that have been happening all over this town...

Captain Broughton: Wa-wa-wa-wa-wait! Delaney, you're not listening. I don't want to hear theories about murders taking place in other parts of the city.

Edward Delaney: But if I'm right, Captain, there's a psycho runnin' around the town!

Captain Broughton: Delaney, I'm tellin' you for the last time, I don't want to hear it. All I care about is cleaning up the garbage in *this* dump. I got enough whores, pimps, queers, freaks roamin' around out there to start my own Macy's parade. So if you got Jack the Ripper goin' down on Lizzie Borden in the middle of Times Square, *I* don't wanna' know about it!

Calvin Samtell: Hey sucker! Bang bang!


Edward Delaney: Bang bang!