[last lines]

Yoshizumi: Life is wonderful.

President Richardson: [watching the sun set, for what he suspects will be his last time] I wanted my name to be entered into the history books, but I wanted it to be for something meaningful, something lasting. What could I have done that would have made the slightest damn bit of difference... wha... what could I have done?

[explaining why a Soviet nuclear missile is aimed at the American polar station]

Captain Nevsky: The United States had no particular monopoly on idiots.

President Richardson: [about Senator Barkley] You were my opponent in every political battle, but you were never... you were never my enemy.

Dr. Krause: You have a cold?

Big Man: Oh it is nothing.

Dr. Krause: If I were to open this ampoule to the air, you would be dead within three days.

Ensign Smirnov - Submarine T232: I have a responsibility to my men!

Captain McCloud - HMS Nereid: You have a higher responsibility.

Dr. Krause: Unless a way is found to neutralize this monster, we are left with a doomsday weapon.

Spy Z: Which means a weapon that would never be used.

Dr. Krause: By a rational man, but any student of history can tell you that a rational mind is not always a prerequisite to a position of power.

Colonel Rankin: At the moment, we don't have a credible deterent in the United States arsenal.

Dr. Ed Meyer: At the moment, we are capable not only of reducing each other to rubble, but of reducing the rubble to rubble!