Film debut of Jane Curtin.

The script was first presented in 1971 but took nearly a decade to become a film. Actresses approached for leading roles over the years included Ann-Margret, Shirley MacLaine, Glenda Jackson, Faye Dunaway, Raquel Welch, Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton, Diane Keaton, Margot Kidder, Mary Tyler Moore, Julie Andrews, Dyan Cannon, Sally Field, Goldie Hawn, Madeline Kahn, Teri Garr, Jill Clayburgh, and Ali MacGraw.

As an outdoor scene was being filmed, a man drove by and yelled, "Jane, you ignorant slut!" in reference to Jane Curtin's and Dan Aykroyd's "Point/Counterpoint" running skit on Saturday Night Live (1975), and the crew cracked up laughing.

Final film of Byron Morrow.

The Valley River Center, where the film's "mall scenes" are set, is indeed a thriving part of Eugene, OR, culture. However, the story is set during the commemoration of the "first anniversary of the Valley River Center." In actuality though, the Valley River Center had already been open for ten years as of the filming of this movie.