Last live-action cinema film of Suzanne Pleshette. FACT CHECK: Actually she was in Alone in the Neon Jungle (1988) after this.

The studio initially suggested to the producers that John Denver reprise his role as Jerry Landers from the first film continuing the original's story, but the suggestion was ignored, as producers thought it would be funnier and more original if the sequel contained entirely different characters. With the exception of George Burns in the title role, none of the original film's characters appear in this movie or Oh, God! You Devil (1984).

Final feature film of Hans Conried.

The second of three "Oh, God!" movies starring George Burns.

Throughout all three movies in the series, all of the main characters have something in common: a background in music. John Denver was a famous folk and country singer. Louanne got her start with the starring role in a musical theater production of Annie. Ted Wass also began his career with stage musicals. Even George Burns himself got his start as a street performer and eventually vaudeville. So it's a movie franchise being acted out by non actors.

All the performances in this movie are abysmal, just abysmal. As is the script, direction; etc. They should have gone full throttle into the silliness here, and done the whole thing in claymation; with musical numbers; smell-o-vision and buzzers under the seats. It could not have made the movie any worse.

Even though they ripped off the original movie and just repeated the plot; production wise; this is almost an entirely different movie; almost an entirely different franchise altogether. New director; new writer; with the exception of George Burns, an entirely different cast. The movie also does not reference the first movie or it's characters at all either. This is essentially just a remake of the first movie with a completely different bunch of people behind it.

It's hard to believe this is the same great Suzanne Pleshette who was in The Birds, Support Your Local Gunfighter and did such great voice work in Spirited Away.