Debut cinema movie of actor Judge Reinhold.

Final cinema film [to date April 2014] directed by Paul Glickler. Glickler performed a number of roles on the picture: Glickler was the head producer, a story writer, and the film's director.

The names of the major sea vessels in the film's storyline were "C-BOB" and "Defiance".

Actress Annie McEnroe received an 'introducing' credit.

The full name of Ken Wahl's character was Charles Erwin McClain with his nick-name in the film being Chas. In the closing credits, Wahl's character is billed just as Chas McClain.

The long full name of Annie McEnroe's character was Sally Mae Elizabeth Chandler Giddens. In the closing credits, McEnroe's character is billed as just Sally Mae Giddens.

Though the picture is a 1980 American theatrical release, .. As of [April 2018] the film does not appear in the American Film Institute's(AFI) Catalog of Feature Films 1893-1993.

This 1980 cinema movie was the second of four major motion pictures made in the modern era which have had a "Running Scared" title. The first was David Hemmings' 1972 art film novel-adaptation drama Running Scared (1972), the third was the 1986 Billy Crystal - Gregory Hines action-comedy-crime-thriller Running Scared (1986) whilst the third was the Paul Walker 2006 action-crime-thriller-drama Running Scared (2006).

The nick-name that soldier Leroy Beecher (Judge Reinhold) had for the guns, cameras, surveillance equipment and miscellaneous goods he was smuggling was what he called his "discharge bonus".

The names of the water vessels which glide across the swamps are known as airboats or fanboats. The place where the chase sequence took place in the film featuring them was the Florida Everglades.

The name of the new rock n' roll dance performed at the diner was the "Twist". This dance became the first ever world-wide dance craze in the early 1960s around the time when this film was set (early April 1961).

Running Scared (1980) is known by a plethora of aka titles on home video and cable television such as "Panic Escape", "Desperate Men", and "Back in the USA".

Debut cinema movie of actress Annie McEnroe.

The picture is set in April 1961 just prior to the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba (aka Invasión de Playa Girón aka Batalla de Girón aka Invasión de Bahía de Cochinos). The attempt was orchestrated by the CIA-funded Brigade 2506 para-military unit on 17th April 1961.

The movie's opening title card read: "Panama, Arenita des Martiras, April 1961".

This movie was the second 60s set film for lead actor Ken Wahl in just a couple of years as Wahl had starred in 1979's 60s set The Wanderers (1979). That movie was set in 1963 whereas this film was set in April 1961.

First of two pictures first released in consecutive years starring actor Ken Wahl which featured a World War II era cargo plane. In this 1980 film it was a C-47 (or Douglas C-47 Skytrain) cargo plane whereas in 1981's Treasure of the Yankee Zephyr (1981) the aircraft was a US Navy DC-3 (Dakota NZ3518) cargo plane.

First of two movies [to date, June 2014] that have featured actors Ken Wahl and Annie McEnroe. The second would be about four years later with Purple Hearts (1984).

Judge Reinhold in this film plays a young soldier leaving the Army after two years in Panama . His next motion picture, "Stripes"(1981) , has him playing a young recruit entering the Army.