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  • I had a really good time watching this movie. This is definitely a movie for entertainment only. Nothing serious here. This would make a nice movie to break the ice on a first date. If you're not used to euro movies, the explicitness is a bit of a shocker. With no cut away scenes,the actors/actresses dis-robe and mount each other. The camera shows every possible part of the love scenes just short of penetration. The girls run a full-service gas station. And full-service is what the patrons get. The girl have fun and watch erotic movies and do typical girl stuff. The mayor has his hands full with a overly generous wife, however don't feel sorry for him until you see the movie. The movie is worth buying, but it is more of a collector's item. This movie pushes the limits between softcore and hardcore, in a funny way.
  • SMK-42 April 2002
    The '6 Schwedinnen' (six Swedish girls) from the title clearly had no need for further sexual education (that was completed in their previous adventure '6 Schwedinnen im Pensionat') and now they have to work for a living. As petrol station attendants!

    Their customers can expect to be treated very, er, lovingly, in fact the girls seem to make love to all their customers. Such loving care is sadly lacking regarding the safety of the whole enterprise. While the customers are attended to, inside the station, the completely unattended petrol pumps keep running and are highly likely to overspill - one of the rare situations in which premature ejaculation can save your live, because you might just get back in time! To top it all, several of the girls are heavy smokers. Miraculously nobody gets hurt.

    That alone would not really fill 90 minutes, and so we are also subjected to the shenanigans in the local council. If a councillor comes late to a meeting he is probably bedding the mayor's wife - she's doing them all in turn.

    And then, unconnected to anything else, there is this strange TV set that can do more than just broadcast a picture. By sitting firmly on top of it, our Kerstin (France Lomay) allows the man inside the TV to climb out and into her crotch. (If you must ask: of course, there ain't any special effects.)

    The wackiness of it all keeps it just about watchable.
  • Six Swedes at a Pump (1980)

    ** (out of 4)

    This sequel to SIX SWEDISH GIRLS IN A BOARDING SCHOOL has our beloved beautiful and sexy ladies inheriting a gas station where they not only treat cars but also the men who drive them.

    Look, if you're watching this film then you probably already know that there's really not too much of a story. Instead of any actual story we're just given a lot of beautiful ladies who are constantly undressing and going through a bunch of simulated sex scenes. Director-writer Erwin C. Dietrich will never be known as a great filmmaker but he at least knew what his audiance wanted and delivered it to them.

    This film, which also goes under titles like HIGH TEST GIRLS, SWEDISH EROTIC SEXATIONS and SWEDISH SEX SERVICE has no real plot and instead we just get one sex scene after another. The director delivers the same type of shots that we saw in the first film, which includes the women running totally nude in slow motion towards the camera. The "bike" sex joke from the first film is even repeated here.

    Obviously a film like this wasn't meant to be taken too serious. Even with its short running time it gets rather boring rather quickly and there's honestly not much here to hold you attention outside of the beautiful ladies including Brigitte Lahaie. If you're looking for some very mild entertainment then you might get some out of this picture. Of course, it's all about the nudity.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Sechs Schwedinnen von der Tankstelle" (and there are half a dozen English titles for this one) is a Swiss German-language movie from 1980, so it is already over 35 years old. It is the second film about the Swedish girls by writer and director Erwin C. Dietrich. And if you know a bit about him, you know exactly what to expect here, namely lots of nudity, a plot that makes no sense at all and many shots of female genitalia. Yeah well, this is indeed what you get. And I find it pretty worrying that utter garbage films like this one turned Dietrich into one of the most known and successful Swiss filmmakers of all time. He deserves none of it. Almost everything I have seen from him 8and that was quite a bit) was really really bad and the fact that he worked with Jesús Franco, who delivered in the same genre, but at least possesses some creative talent, did not help Dietrich at all in stepping up his game.

    This film here luckily only runs for 80 minutes, but it's shocking to see the Swedish girls franchise kept going on afterward. It is really only worth seeing for people who are really horny, like porn and prefer blondes. At least the last part is not true for me, even if it is easy to appreciate Brigitte Lahaie. From her name, you already see that she is not Swedish at all and same goes for the other actresses. I find Lahaie attractive, but the fact that she is the center of the film takes away some of the appeal that comes from her innocent looks. Also the film really lacks something for those who love brunettes. It also lacks good acting, writing and directing of course, but I already made that clear with my thoughts on Dietrich. If there is any reason to not consider this one of Dietrich's worst films, then it is because almost everything from him really sucks, not because this is a decent film on any occasions throughout its 80 minutes. Also the German title is a lie because apart from 3 or 4 references early on, the gas station reference is completely non-existent throughout the entire film, even if they were trying so hard to include it in the "plot". I highly recommend to stay away.