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  • jaquaman28 August 2006
    This is the rarest of rare films. What could have easily been trash porn was instead lifted in the hands of a director and writer with ideals into an erotic masterpiece. At last - or perhaps I should say "at last I've found..." since this film came out long long ago - a film that combines sex with substance. Those seeking hardcore will be just as pleased here as those more inclined to appreciate movies for their plots. Remarkably sensitive performances, especially that of Daniela Giordano, bring out the script's latent tenderness. A hearty recommendation, and a request: if you know of anything even remotely similar to this picture, let us know!
  • In the early 1980s, much of continental Europe's soft porn output was made in two versions, a soft and a hard version. Segrete... is an example for this. It is beautifully shot and generally well-acted, by a mix of 'proper' actors and porn performers.

    Generally, too many of the film's elements have been left hanging in the air - there is not enough mortar to hold everything together. This is really a shame, because overall this effort falls not far short of feature film quality - a chance missed.
  • One of the problems with the reviewing of foreign language films is that sometimes things can be missed or misinterpreted so if I get the characters and cast wrong then I apologise in advance. Noteworthy is that there is a 93 minute Dutch edition which seems to be as rare as hens teeth so this review is of the 82 minute Swiss edition from ABCDVD Classics.

    The plot is well thought out with Simone and Gina (Brigitte Lahaie and Lidie Ferdics) the two put-upon maids who plan to get their revenge by matching up the son, Luca with his cousin Fanny but as this is a porn film then there is more than just this. For those who like close-ups of female genitalia, then they should be satisfied but there are missed opportunities for more erotic scenes between Luca and Martha, the older woman, surely every schoolboy's fantasy. The film benefits by being shot in beautiful locales which all add to the film's attraction. The tennis court area has since been redeveloped into a tourist establishment. I still think that a little less porn and a bit more erotica would have really been the icing on the cake.