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  • bemyfriend-4018410 December 2020
    Sort of a romance/revenge deal. I was charmed by the girl, and the innocence of the romance. Also, she had good martial arts. As was typical in some of the older Chinese flicks, the humor was childish; but there was also a sublime element, between the hero and heroine. Cute, tough, and fun. Gets a ten.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    LACKEY AND THE LADY TIGER is very much a Hong Kong action comedy in the same vein as DRUNKEN MASTER and SNAKE IN THE EAGLE'S SHADOW; the similarities are pushed home by the presence of Hwang Jang Lee as the big bad guy and Jackie Chan stuntman Mars as the hero of the piece. I know Mars, have enjoyed his lovably goofy presence in the likes of POLICE STORY for many years, so it was a pleasure seeing him hog the limelight here and he doesn't disappoint.

    The plot is very familiar and goes down the expected route, with Mars beaten by superior enemies and training in new styles to beat them. The emphasis is on animal styles here and the cat training sequence is jaw-dropping. Watch out for ENTER THE DRAGON's Shih Kien as one of the masters training our hero. The action isn't quite as spectacular as in a Jackie movie, but the training parts are especially fun and the humour works pretty well throughout.
  • Mars gets fired at the tea house. He meets a man (very obviously a girl but in these movies this is standard). They fight and he loses. Cut to Sek Kin fishing. He is the girl's teacher. Mars finds a white dog. He goes to a kung fu school but has no money for classes. The fat guy fights him. The dog was lost but instead of getting a reward for finding it Mars gets beaten for stealing it. The boy (girl) comes to his rescue. She teaches him a bit then there is a gag in town about going to the correct rest room. Mars returns to the kung fu school and defeats the fat guy but the master comes out and beats him with the staff.

    At about the 51 minute mark there is a sudden cut to a scene with Linda Lin Ying (the aunt in "Drunken Master") and Hwang Jang-Lee. This feels like a fine example of the "make it up as we go along" school of movie making. Hwang Jang-Lee is fresh out of prison and eager to do some violence.

    Mars meets Sek Kin, the "reel master" of fishing pole technique.

    Hwang Jang-Lee is off to do evil and Linda Lin Ying tries to stop him. The result is a once in a lifetime fight sequence that fans of these movies will love. Plus, Mars arrives at the end and also tries to stop Hwang Jang-Lee. You just know there will be a rematch. Many of these movies are about fictional animal styles of kung fu. Some include snake, monkey, rat, horse, and even crab. Though fishing pole style was set up early in the movie it is cat style that defeats the villain.

    My copy is English dubbed by the A team of voice overs. The video is minimal acceptable quality to watch on a modern wide screen high definition television. I rate this movie above average for the year and genre and recommend it for all fans.