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  • OK, I'm kidding. Hey, listen, this film is no strain to the synapses. It's another Hal Needham carwreck fest wrapped up in a really dumb plot that at times tries too hard. However, I find an odd entertainment value in this genus of southern cheese. An aging professional highway show-off, an even more annuated hick sheriff in hot pursuit, an oddly swift and resilient Trans Am, a very talented yet dumbed down leggy sidekick, a country singer turned epitomal southern truck driver, Dom Deluise, and an elephant. Add plenty of incompetent law enforcement officers and marlboro reds and you have the makings of one fine redneck cross-country chase movie. I don't know why but I actually enjoyed this. It's really about the stunts I think and when it comes to Hal Needham you never can have too many car crashes. In the spirit of Cannonball Run and the Dukes of Hazzard there is an odd appeal in watching good IL boys tear up backroads to the tune of Hank Williams and police sirens. And of course there's always a way out leaving a pile of police cruisers in the dust behind. It's an action flick and as such you shouldn't expect it to be anything other than what it is; it's just fun to watch. You may notice it does have some very talented actors so it begs the "what were you thinking doing this film?" question. Perhaps. But on face value it's all about the car chase. And who doesn't love a good car chase?
  • As much as I liked the first movie, I find that I don't really like the second film. While the film had it's moments, especially with Jackie Gleason as Buford T. Justice, there really wasn't much to redeem this film.

    Everything about the film seemed rather contrived, especially the comedy. The comedy seemed to be forced most of the time.

    While I can watch the first film over and over and it never seems to get old for me, the second film wore out its welcome almost right away. I don't know, but maybe if they hadn't tried so hard with the second film to measure up to the first film it would have been better.
  • The original Smokey and the Bandit was a monster of a film, finishing behind only Star Wars at the Box Office in 1977. It was one of the last movies seen by Elvis, who arranged a private viewing due to it's popularity. I myself, barely a teenager, saw it several times in the theater.

    Now, when a sequel was announced, we all just knew it would pick up where the first one left off and follow the gang's exploits up to Boston and back to Georgia in 48 hours with clam chowder for the Enoses. But no, the producers and writers chose to create an entirely new exploit, which is basically a rehash of the route traveled in the first, but going in the other direction and pretty much at the speed limit! First off, the Enoses could have hired anyone for a lot less money, as obviously time was not of the essence. Afterall, after they accept the job, considerable time is spent getting the Bandit back into shape! Or did the writers expect us to believe it only took one day? They may have, considering they also threw in a scene where Burt, during his rehab outruns a racehorse. And what were they thinking having Carrie marrying Junior again? Sheriff Justice said at the end of the first he wasn't giving up his pursuit of Bandit, so he didn't need this motivation, again.

    So, obviously, instead of a good ole' boy movie like the first, we have a cartoon with humans! See Jackie Gleason utter sombitch 6 dozen times! Hear Dom Deluise spout nonsensical Italian phrases! Watch truckers run over police cruisers with no regards to consequences (like causing lawman's death)! Become aghast at Jerry Reed turning into a tough guy life coach. Experience Burt Reynolds trying to show he has a heart! Look at Sally Field's expression of disdain for her agent! And don't miss the ending blooper reel!

    This was the beginning of the end for Burt as he started becoming a caricature of himself. People began to view his movies as just an excuse for Burt and his buddies to get together and party while not having to bother themselves with any strenuous acting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    well the bandit and snowman are back and this time they have one hell of a big adventure. The bandit and frog have split and the bandit has became a overweight drunk.the burdette's need a crate picked up in Miami so they enlist the help of snowman who has to get bandit's ass back on track with the help of frog of course.After much exercise (including a foot race with a bunch of horses)the bandit is ready for action once again.

    After Breaking into the warehouse they find that the crate is huge and what inside is huge as well,a elephant. after some time on the road and a stop for gas snowman thinks the elephant is sick,and as luck would have it a ambulance has just pulled they enlist the help of the doctor inside Played By Funny man Dom Deluise and the doc soon determines the elephant is pregnant.

    What is the bandit to due stay on course and risk the elephants life or worry about something other than money for once?

    Also look for a lot of cameos in this one.mel Tillis(bless his heart he sing like a bird but has a bad stuttering problem),terry bradshaw,mean joe green and don williams.

    Also jackie gleason is back as buford t. justice still trying to catch the bandit and look for a very funny scene where jounir can't get his zipper zipped.jackie also takes on 3 different roles in this one

    This movie could be the best sequel in the franchise so give it a watch i give it a 8 out of 10 R.I.P Jackie Gleason and Jerry Reed(The Snowman)
  • All in all, a childishly fun revisiting of the characters and story. It'll help if you're already a big fan of cowboys, big trucks, and car jumps, and, of course, the first film.

    A lot of drama went on behind the scenes during the shooting, and at times can be glimpsed on the screen, including Sally's and Burt's strained relationship, Jackie Gleason's health, and Hal Needham's direction.

    The sign in front of the church wonderfully demonstrates the level of humor throughout this movie:

    "Texarkana Reformed, United, Evangelical, Fundamental Church Of God, The Twelve Apostles And Assorted Saints"
  • Noobz22 January 2003
    Whatever happened to the Double or nothing jaunt to Boston for some clam chowder? That is what I was expecting. After all the original seemed to segueing to that end. Reynolds was just plain old goofy.

    Some of the scenes with Justice were even better than the original, at least until he met up with his brothers. Down hill from there.
  • Fairly dreadful sequel to "Smokey and the Bandit" arrived some three years later, and most of the principal players look a bit sheepish about the entire enterprise--none more so than Sally Field as "Frog", the Bandit's main squeeze. In the film (and in the outtakes played at the end), Field seems edgy and defensive, which probably means she got a good look at this screenplay and felt trapped (an understandable reaction, but deadly in a comedy). Written by Jerry Belson and Brock Yates from a treatment by Michael Kane, the movie immediately gets off on the wrong foot with Field once again running out on a wedding (to Sheriff Justice's son for the second time). Seems she can't reach the Bandit, whose inflated ego and sense of self-importance has alienated all his friends. Moody, unhappy Burt Reynolds only perks up in his scenes with Dom DeLuise, but for the most part limps through these half-hearted proceedings like a celebrity on the downhill slide. Hal Needham's direction isn't any help (he's at the mercy of the woebegone script), but there is an elephant around for the occasional sight-gag--and Jackie Gleason in three roles. * from ****
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The second of a film series of three,this time our heros must take an elephant from Florida to Texas.

    This is the worst of the three. even though the final round up was kinda cool. Why would the snowman sleep on the ground at a rest stop,when he has a very comfortable bunk in the truck? The Bandit is a major prick in this one. If Don Williams sang a song to my woman and myself,I wouldn't disrespect the man by walking out in the middle of the song. O well, I guess even the best of us has to have a bad day. It was cool to see Ben Walton make a cameo appearance.

    Jerry Reed drives the GMC 18 wheeler!

    This is the second of three times Jerry Reed drives a truck in this series.

    Jerry Reed was a permanent AA list actor.

    There are a couple unknown actors driving indeterminable trucks during the round up.

    These unknown actors were also permanent A list actors.

    Sally Fields is hot!!!
  • jrs-816 October 1999
    "Smokey and the Bandit II" is a blown opportunity. I am not a big fan of sequels because they generally just repeat the same formula of the original. Here is no exception. But what bothers me is of ALL the ideas they could use they pick transporting an elephant? And why make the Bandit down on his luck? We want to see him on top of the world in the spoils of wealth from the first film. But all we get to see are he and Sally Field fighting. Jackie Gleason is good but the resurrection of some of his classic characters though nice, is totally unnecessary to the film. A big disappointment.
  • It's fairly obvious that Smokey and the Bandit II was filmed directly before (or during) the making of Canonnonball Run. Obviously they had a lot of well-known faces from the CR movie, and they had them stick around for some S&tB shots, then built a story around them as best they could. If you look at each of the cameos, you see they have no tie to the storyline, all they have in common is Reynolds and Gleason. If you want to see a much better Burt Reynolds / Dom Delouis movie, rent CR (it's hokey too, but not quite as bad as this).

    Movies like this get made all the time, where a very basic plot line is sketched out, and then the rest is filled in as the writers on the set come up with it. When good ideas get scarce, they try to fill the gaps with gags on a common theme. But like any good joke, it's only funny when it is at least semi-plausible. That's what made the original Smokey and the Bandit so much fun. But S&tB II is just TOO unbelievable to be funny any more. It might appeal to 12 year olds, but the original audience of 16-25 year olds just don't find them funny.

    All the negativeness of the above aside, S&tB II is still better than part III. I didn't think it could get worse, but...
  • It's fair to be said that hairy-lipped ladies man Burt Reynolds has had something of a chequered success rate when it comes to his movies. From highlights in "Boogie Nights" and "The Mean Machine" to real clunkers like "Striptease", Reynolds has never been consistent in his movies with the exception of being consistently inconsistent. Redneck rampage classic "Smokey And The Bandit" was one of Burt's best so it was no surprise when the predictable sequel arrives and it's a serious test of how much vehicular destruction you like in a movie. It also proves that a movie needs much more than comedic cops and smashed squad cars to make a plot.

    Reynolds returns as the legendary Bandit, a hero among the high-speed CB radio community. Washed up and a wreckage of a man after Carrie (Sally Field once again) leaves him, Bandit is reunited with his old buddy Snowman (Jerry Read) and Carrie in order to transport an elephant from Florida to Texas in three days. The promise of a substantial reward is apparently motive enough because I couldn't find any other reason to do this. Anyway, Bandit is tracked every mile of the way by persistent Sheriff Buford T Justice (Jackie Gleason) and his wet-behind-the-ears son (Mike Henry) and this time, he's brought a few family reinforcements...

    You can picture the meeting of the producers before shooting began. "Let's get everything that made the first film great and double it." So we have more cars and crashes, more stunts and jumps, more trucks, a prolonged love-hate story between Field and Reynolds as well as Dom DeLuise as a slightly eccentric Italian doctor, more Buford T Justice and oh yes, even more crashes. Sadly, the mix is a mess. The film's plot veers this way and that like one of Buford's pursuits and very little ever makes sense. Coupled with a comic-book approach to the story (Burt doing a standing back-flip onto the back of the elephant?) and the first film's action gives way to simplistic and unconvincing set-pieces. Gleason easily acts everyone else off the screen, which is not good when you sympathise with the baddie of the piece while watching our crew of redneck racers with ambivalence. Come the film's climax, there is an overwhelming sense of 'deja vu' as increasingly chaotic scenes fail to impress.

    In truth, there wasn't much they could do with the sequel. The first, while hardly a classic itself, pretty much covered all the bases when it came to road movies so what "Smokey And The Bandit 2" thought it could add to the mix remains a mystery because this film does nothing but improve your opinion of the first (if you've seen it, anyway). Like the first, this is a mildly diverting film in a just-returned-from-pub kinda way but quite frankly, you'd be better renting something else or re-watching a DVD. Stick with the first but don't touch this or the third unless you're an extremely forgiving viewer. And Reynolds really should have trimmed that moustache...
  • I first seen the original Smokey and the Bandit when I was 13 when it was first released the summer of 1977 I was so in love with the first one I seen it 17 times in the theaters. I once walk in the rain to see it, I took my first date to see it and I have probably seen it 100 times on TV and Video.

    With all that said I think I have the right to critique the sequel. I remember waiting 3 yrs for part II, I remember hearing there might be one in 1977 and I was so excited. Well, I remember I thought something was going wrong early in 1980 when I herd reports they wanted to call it "Smokey and the Bandit have a Baby" But I was still eager to see it, I rushed to see it the first night it was released, I remember it was a packed house and I was really excited. Then it happened, while watching it I couldn't help thinking this thing was awful!

    It had nothing what so ever from the first one, they went for nothing but laughs, goofy plot, goofy gags, goofy jokes and transporting an elephant for $400,000 was so stupid! At first you might say, well wasn't the first like that? NO!!. Watch the first one again after watching the sequel, First - The Bandit was cool thru the whole movie, never lost his cool, never went for just a laugh, He was kinda the straight man. Even Jerry Reed (Snowman) had a really cool seen where he gets beat up (and this was a serious seen) and then runs over all the bikers bikes, that was great!! I remember the audience cheering when that happened. You even believed the Bandit and Frog really fell in love.

    True it had a lot of slap stick screw ball humor but that was all from the sheriff's (Buford T. Justice) character, and it was all really funny. They could have really done a lot with this movie, like in most sequels they forgot the first rule - Continue with the original story! Don't repeat it!! The trick is to make it look like one whole movie cut in half, not a remake done badly. (for more research on how Not to make a sequel see Another 48hrs)
  • Remember how much fun the first Smokey and the Bandit film was? Well, he's back, and this time he's an alcoholic burnout who makes bad career choices and treats his friends like trash. So, he's basically Burt Reynolds from 1980-Boogie Nights. Remember how much free wheeling fun and energy the first film had? Well this sequel has all the energy of a pregnant elephant. Speaking of elephants, Dom DeLuise is in the film. And a pregnant elephant. The entire cast looks like they can't wait to get paid, it's such a "go through the motions" film, reminiscent of another sequel, "Ghostbusters 2.

    The final police car pile up is impressive but even that outstays it's welcome after a while. No, it's not one of the worst sequels ever, it's just so gosh darn bland and average.
  • Poor sequel to the highly enjoyable Smokey and the Bandit. Part two brings together the same ingredients as the first film but adds a lot of cornball slapstick and a disappointing character shift for the Bandit. Gone is the charming, slightly enigmatic Bandit. Here he's a goofy man-child.

    Sally Field and Jerry Reed return as well. Both do fine although Field sometimes seems like she would rather be anywhere else than in this movie. Can't blame her. She looks lovely though. Jackie Gleason is back and this time playing multiple parts. He starts out OK but quickly becomes unbearable. We also have the comically challenged Dom DeLuise. Reynolds was buddies with Dom and overlooked Dom's obvious lack of talent and got him roles in several of his movies. I've never found Dom DeLuise funny and this movie is no exception.

    If you're a fan of the first Smokey movie, perhaps it's best you just avoid this sequel and for the love of God, definitely avoid part 3. This movie doesn't improve upon the first in any way. Hell it doesn't even match it. It's a stinker that happens to have a decent country soundtrack.
  • Big Enos Burdett (Pat McCormick) is running for Governor of Texas, and uses Bandit (Burt Reynolds) and Cledus (Jerry Reed) to transport a mysterious cargo. Cledus enlists the help of Carrie (Sally Field) who abandons Junior once again to convince a drunken Bandit to do the run. Surprise, surprise, the cargo is a giant elephant and mayhem ensues.

    The premise is complete nonsense. It's really a stupid setup to allow the gang to regroup and have more fun. This time they kidnap doc (Dom DeLuise) to treat the sick elephant. He adds a bit of fun that would lead to Cannonball Run. It's all harmless stupid fun.

    Then there's a massive cops versus truckers demolition derby. That might be worth the watch all by itself. It's a lot of joyful destruction.
  • There are a real amount of bad reviews of this movie on the IMDB. Especially I WANTED TO KILL MYSELF AFTER SEEING THIS MOVIE, which I felt was a bit dramatic. But I liked this movie, it had great action, comedy, and it was quite heartwarming. Cledus and the bandit are appoarched to make another run. For 400 dollars there asked to deliver an elephant across country. Bandit who is still broken hearted after his break up with Carrie/frog almost a year ago. Bandit sees this oppurtunity to revive his image. Cledus asked Carrie to come along for the ride. But will sparks fly again for bandit and Carrie? And will sheriff Buford T. Justice and his simple minded son Junior catch them this time? A fun sequel, for whoever is a fan. Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jerry Reed, and Jackie Gleason know how to deliver the goods.
  • When compared to it's predecessor, Smokey and the Bandit II is a complete waste of time. The film makers were fortunate enough to reunite the complete cast of the original but chose to make a live action cartoon instead of another great movie with fast cars, loose morals and entertaining characters. I would have much rather seen Bandit, Carrie and Cledus's trip to Boston to pick up some clam chowder, sans the Trans Am and rig, than see the weak effort put forth here. In some places the film is a sloppily done rehash of the original: Carrie is about to marry Junior again, Buford T. is hot on the trail of the Bandit with Junior in tow as a result and the Bandit is driving alongside Cledus in a black Trans-Am. Given the situation in this movie, why was the Bandit even needed? They drive the speed limit most of the movie! Cartoonish elements missing from the original include Buford's summoning of his brothers to help him catch the Bandit, a man falling out of an ambulance in a most strange looking gurney and Sheriff Justice's car being dropped from a toll bridge, only to appear again unscathed later in the film. It seems the writer of this piece of garbage said, "Let's take what worked in the original, increase its outlandishness 100 times over, add some weak one liners and throw in something for the kids while we are at it." Honestly, what minister answers a phone during a wedding ceremony? Everything that worked in part one was forgotten in part two.
  • Man, you people are way too uptight about this movie. I laughed my ass off. Jackie Gleason is Gold in this movie! Easily the best line in the movie to me is when Sheriff Justice follows the Bandit into the Pittsburgh Steelers practice and asks Terry Bradshaw to help slow him down and so Bradshaw tells "Mean" Joe Green to "tackle That Car" , he gets in front of Justice's car and Justice says to him, " Get outta my way or you'll have a penalty flag hangin' outta yo ass!" I'm laughing my ass off as I'm writing this, Gleason is priceless in this movie and makes it worth checking out. Gleason's one-liners are so funny! Justice on the C.B. to The Bandit: Hello you handsome sombitch! Another time: Hello lollipop! Just classic. The movie is whatever, but who cares. That Trans-Am is pretty cool too.
  • I know I've mentioned before that I wasn't even going to bother writing a review for this one, but here it is: I've always wanted to like this movie. I really have. Being an enormous fan of the first, and even finding some enjoyment from the third, I still can't say I like this one. I don't know what happened here. Everyone was back, inculding the director, they had the money to back it up, and they still couldn't get it right. What made this film so atrocious? Well, I have to blame it on the writers. I also have to blame the rest of the cast for going along with it. Seriously, when the characters behave NOTHING like they did in the original and the objective is to haul an elephant(!), you know you're in trouble. I cringed every time Frog and the Bandit squabbled and I cringed whenever the Bandit would lose his cool and do something stupid. I mean, what happened to the mild-mannered, likeable, laid-back country boy that we all knew and loved from the first one? Why in the HELL did they have to make him into and alcoholic, washed-up, ego-maniac? I don't know how, but they managed to make him into one of the most unlikeable protagonists in cinematic history. There's even a ridiculous training scene where the Snowman and Frog whip the bandit back into shape to make the big run. I guess it was supposed to be funny. I found it to be a slap in the face. Sometimes Hollywood really has me scatching my head.

    Now, for the Justices. Two words: Good grief. They made them even dumber than in the first, and while there are a few funny lines, it goes into overdrive and messes the whole thing up. Another thing, Buford's Canadian cousin (I forget his name) was a disgrace. Was he supposed to be gay? If so, that wasn't funny either.

    I guess I've trashed this one enough. On the bright side, there were a few moments that made me giggle, but I can't remember the scenes to save my life. Please, if you consider yourself a fan of the first, avoid this one. Save yourself a lot of disappointment.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Smokey and the Bandit II starts as father & son Big Enos (Pat McCormick) & Little Enos Burdette (Paul Williams) see an opportunity to legitimise their canditateship for Governor of Texas but delivering a special crate from Miami & take it to Texas in order to impress the current Governor (John Anderson). Sounds easy & Bi & Little Enos decide to hire the Bandit (Burt Reynolds) to make the run, they agree to pay $400,000 for delivery of the crate which the Bandit can't turn down since he has become a drunk has been since his Coors beer run. Again teaming up with the Snowman (Jerry Reed) & Carrie (Sally Field) they find out that the crate contains a pregnant Elephant 7 the run won't be as easy as they first thought as Sheriff Buford T. Justice (Jackie Gleason) is on their tail all the way in pursuit...

    Also known under the title Smokey and the Bandit Ride Again here in the UK this was directed by Hal Needham this is your pretty average more of the same sequel to the original hit Smokey and the Bandit (1977) which I didn't like that much anyway, I can't say Smokey and the Bandit II was any better but I can't say it was any worse either. Like a lot of sequels that try to leech of the original's success Smokey and the Bandit reunites all the main character's including the Bandit, Snowman, Carrie & Sheriff Buford T. Justice along with Big & Little Enos who again hire the Bandit for some ridiculous run across states, instead of beer like the original this time around it gets even sillier with a pregnant Elephant that develops a crush on the Bandit, yeah that's the level of sophistication in this sequel. The comedy & gags are just lame with many being direct rip-offs of the original especially a lot of Sheriff Justice's lines, I really don't think I laughed once during this & if the film wasn't silly enough there's this annoying Italian doctor. The script tires to have a little more humanity this time around with it wanting us to feel sorry for the animal & the on-going more pronounced romance between the Bandit & Carrie but it's all lost in a horrible plot that is just too ridiculous for words & really unfunny comedy. At almost 100 minutes it goes on for too long as well, the pace is average with not that much actually happening & only the big showdown between the police & truckers in the desert at the end is worth watching this for. The character of the Bandit is also significantly different here, here he's a drunk burnt out depressed has been unlike the first & it's hard to warm to him or want him to succeed.

    A lot of the time is spent with the Elephant & it's problems rather than the driving aspect, in fact the cars seem almost secondary here until the end & that desert pile up which even then is silly & hardly makes the thing worth watching. A roller-coaster is destroyed in an OK scene but otherwise this is quite short on action. Again Sheriff Justice swears quite a lot & again the dubbed TV versions are apparently quite funny. Better made than the original the coverage of the stunts is better but still rather static. Country and Western singer Don Williams & his band make a cameo, I still thought the Country and Western soundtrack was awful though & really can't stand the stuff.

    Filmed mostly in Florida this has good production values as I am sure the budget was bigger than the original's but that didn't help make this any good, did it? The acting is OK< Reynolds is in cruise control, Sally Field still looks nice, Jackie Gleason is still over the top while Dom DeLuise is simply awful.

    Smokey and the Bandit II is much more of the same really only sillier & even less funnier than the original, the final chase in the desert is alright & it passes the time if you can see it on telly for free I suppose but otherwise there's not much here to enjoy.
  • I guess comedy is rather like fantasy ie in order to work it must be convincing . Consider the works of Nigel Kneale where we see alien invasions , our suspension of disbelief is kept in check so we sense mortal danger in the scenario . Classic DOCTOR WHO shares this conviction , check out the early stories where the Tardis goes anywhere in time or space in a totally fantastical way but is written and played in such a way we can actually believe what is happening . It's the same with LORD OF THE RINGS where thousands of years ago mythical creatures fought for the future of middle Earth . Jackson's vision of the trilogy is historical drama rather than fantasy hence even the most cynical viewer like myself can buy into the story

    The problem with SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT 2 is that it's very difficult to believe in the characters and the situations involved . Smokey and his cronies come across an elephant and transport it across the USA pursued by a red neck sheriff . This premise might have had some potential ( Though it would never have been a classic ) but what let's it all collapse is the way the characters are written and played with Jackie Gleason especially putting in a very poor performance as someone who has panic attacks when the word " Bandit " is mentioned . There's plenty of unconvincing set pieces such as the Bandit goading Sheriff Justice into showing him his sharp shooting and this is why the movie fails as entertainment . Having said that it's better than SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT 3
  • If it wasn't for the almighty 'Star Wars' then the 1977 Box Office would have been topped by none other than 'Smokey and the Bandit' which performed equally as surprisingly. Therefore a sequel was inevitable. In fact... a sequel was the natural evolution considering how the original ended. However, what people got was a different beast all together.

    Instead of directly continuing from the original, we have a new tale, utilising the old characters. Only it doesn't feel particularly new, more rehashed. If it was made now, it might almost be considered a 'remake.' The 'Bandit' is back, only he's all burned out and only tempted out of his alcohol-induced retirement by the promise of a big paycheque. Again, he has to drive across country, helping his trucker chum 'Snowman' to safely get his cargo to its destination. It's basically the same story as before. Again, it uses the same route. Again, it uses the same plot device of 'Smokey' (the cop constantly pursuing Bandit) only really chasing him because his son's bride has left him – yes, again – at the altar to run off with Bandit.

    It all feels a little like 'rinse and repeat.' Smokey catches up with Bandit. Bandit just so happens to know someone that can help him out. They block Smokey. The Bandit escapes and then it all happens again a few scenes later.

    Smokey's police car also seems to get completely trashed and yet be perfectly be okay to indulge in yet another high speed chase a little way down the highway. Of course the chases scenes are fun. At the time of production, the film boasted about having the most expensive car chase ever filmed for a movie. And there is one that lives up to that titled. Only one. Much of the driving seems to be done at the correct speed limit, meaning there's a distinct lack of tension going on.

    Yes, the stars return. And they do add an element of fun to the movie. If you liked them the first time round you'll probably like them again this time. However, since they're doing almost exactly the same thing as you saw them do in number one, then there's little point in watching them do it all over again, right?
  • kcfan-330 August 2003
    The original Smokey and the Bandit is a classic, and it introduced us to one of Jackie Gleason's funniest incarnations, Sheriff Buford T. Justice. I've always been of the ilk that tries not to judge sequels on the originals, but in the case of Smokey and the Bandit II it's impossible.

    The plot is essentially the same as the first film, with the more politically-correct elephant replacing 400 cases of good ol' Coors, and for a higher stake - $320,000 more than their original run to Texarkana. While Reynolds, Field, Reed et al are entertaining and do the best with a mediocre repeat of the original plot, the true star here is Gleason. Particularly memorable is the scene where Justice and Junior stop for a toilet break and Junior announces after paying a visit, that his zipper is stuck. What happens next is hilarious, and I won't spoil it.

    I agree with one of the other reviews in that the original premise of the characters as defined in the original was completely ignored in this sequel, but maybe this was done on purpose. Maybe the writers felt they were giving the characters more depth. This is the downfall of the movie, that and the script...especially the inclusion of brothers Reggie and Gaylord Justice.

    Having said that, it's not completely awful. The saving graces are Gleason, Dom DeLuise as the leading gynaecologist (or gornocolagalist as he pronounces it) in Pompeii (population 23) on a sabbatical to the Deep South, and Mike Henry as the long suffering and equally very dim Justice Junior. The latters' performance, while certainly not Shakespeare material, is exactly what is called for - bewildered and confused.

    Everyone who was anyone in the country music industry contributed to the soundtrack, including Jerry Reed once again recording the film's theme (a virtual carbon copy of East/West Bound and Down). Brenda Lee and Don Williams make cameos, as do Burt's buddies Joe Klecko, Terry Bradshaw and Messrs Dudley Remus and Hal Carter.

    All in all, disappointing and disowned by hardcore fans of the original, but definitely worth a look for Gleason's contributions. They are what keeps the film going when the rest of it is bogged down and turned into a melodrama of sorts, rather than sticking with the winning formula that made the original such a smash and a classic. Beware though, it's nearly destroyed towards the end with the inclusion of his "twin brothers", but that isn't Gleason's fault - blame the scriptwriters and director. Mixed feelings on this one, guys and gals...
  • It was rehashed but it had some good original part and story. But I still watch it.
  • In many ways I actually prefer this film to the first. The script isn't quite as snappy as the original, but the cast are back along with a few new faces and it's a great fun ride. The theme of washed up celebrity is quite a clever one and it's played out nicely in the film, although maybe not as strongly as it could have been.

    The jewel in the crown is the end set-piece in the desert, because it's huge, magnificently choreographed, and it really is a sight to behold. It blows the socks off the first film's ending and is definitely one of the best "trucker film" sequences ever put on celluloid. The elephant story is sweet too, and it's nice how it manages to help the Bandit find himself again.

    Honestly, this is a great film and a worthy sequel. Overall it's not quite as good as the first film, but in a lot of individual places it's far stronger and is definitely worth checking out, regardless of what the sea of negative sheep out there say.
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