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  • This was recommeded by someone and it took me forever to watch the darn thing but,I thought it was an ok story. The story took a while to get going but I found myself stuck watching it anyway. I did like seeing some of the actors and actresses that I remember and wouldn't think they would be in this title. It was weird seeing Don in this movie so I stuck it out and put my brain on freeze for a little while. All in all I just love a story, any story, no matter how stupid the plot and the characters are.
  • I love this movie. I thought it was great! I have been trying to find it again and im havin no luck. If someone can tell me where i could find a copy of this It would be most appreciated. I have been to every video store in our town and they have never even heard of it. If someone can help me out wiff a copy of this I would be most greatful. You can e-mail me. Just put fer subject soggy bottom. Thank you
  • Well, I can't say a whole lot of good things about this movie. It did, as most movies of this type do, have its moments,and it may have played well at the drive-ins when it was first released. But knowing what I do now, I would not recommend it to someone who plans to watch it sober. However, if you like dumb redneck stereotypes, then this is the movie for you. I'll admit I did laugh a few times...just a few. But don't take my word for it yourself. Then you'll agree with me,I'm sure. This is not a movie for sober people.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This contains a spoiler. Stop reading if you don't want to know the only "funny" thing about this flick.

    Man, was this a funny movie. When I was 9. Well, not even then, really. The most memorable thing from the whole picture was a !SPOILER! small dog involved in a running gag. The little cur would lower his head and sink his front, then raise his butt in the air. The punchline was delivered via a butt busting fart and clear the area of any hominids by virtue of its nose hair stinging stench.

    As originality goes, there are some things that rate higher. Like K-Fed. Well, on second thought, not him.

    The acting was very not memorable. The performances did nothing to engender the glowing reminiscence of movies watched when I was a child. They were so unremarkable, as a matter of fact, that I was immediately critical as I walked from the theater. And so, this experience forever changed me. The lesson was: not every pic is a good one.

    I suppose that this would help kids who are in the "farts are funny" developmental stage pass a rainy afternoon. Don't expect, as an adult, to be even mildly entertained by this. Unless, of course, you take pride in the ability to belch the alphabet.
  • If you are in dire need of a laugh - see this movie. Still, it is better to wait until you really, really need a laugh, this is like Phillips Milk of Magnesia, though. The absolute last resort to get you to laugh.