Elise McKenna: The man of my dreams has almost faded now. The one I have created in my mind. The sort of man each woman dreams of, in the deepest and most secret reaches of her heart. I can almost see him now before me. What would I say to him if he were really here? "Forgive me. I have never known this feeling. I have lived without it all my life. Is it any wonder, then, I failed to recognise you? You, who brought it to me for the first time. Is there any way that I can tell you how my life has changed? Any way at all to let you know what sweetness you have given me? There is so much to say. I cannot find the words. Except for these: I love you". Such would I say to him if he were really here.

Older Elise: Come back to me.

Elise McKenna: I am an actress, Mr. Robinson, not a doormat. Do not attempt to wipe your boots on me.

Richard Collier: Please, don't leave. You have no idea how far I've come to be with you.

[seeing Richard for the first time]

Elise McKenna: Is it you? Is it?

Richard Collier: This is not for a play, Miss Roberts. This is something very personal.

[shows her the pocketwatch]

Laura Roberts: Where did you get that?

Richard Collier: Well, she gave it to me, ma'am. At the opening of a play I wrote eight years ago at Millfield College.

Laura Roberts: That watch was very precious to her. She never- never left it out of her possession. It disappeared the night she died.

Richard Collier: She died that night?

Elise McKenna: Reechard. Reeeeeeechaaaarrrrd.

[repeated line]

Richard Collier: See you around, Arthur.

Richard Collier: I owe you an apology. I understand you now. You have nothing but the best motives in mind for her, but so do I.

Arthur Biehl: Have we ever met before?

William Fawcett Robinson: Excess within control.

Elise McKenna: There is so much to say... I cannot find the words. Except for these: 'I love you.'

[last lines]

Arthur Biehl: [on telephone] Operator? Get Dr. Paul up to suite 313 right away.

Doctor: Looks like he hasn't eaten in a week. You better send for an ambulance.

Hotel Manager: I'll call one right now.

Arthur Biehl: What a shame. If I'd only known.

Hotel Manager: [on telephone] Operator? Get an ambulance. Right away.

Arthur Biehl: He is going to make it, isn't he?

Doctor: I don't know.

Hotel Manager: They're on their way. How is he?

Doctor: We're going to need some oxygen.

Arthur Biehl: Oh...

Hotel Manager: We've got some downstairs. I'll get it right now.

Arthur Biehl: Keep him warm with this blanket. Such a fine man. What a shame. I wonder what happened.

Doctor: We've gotta keep him going until they get here.

Arthur Biehl: [on telephone, distant] Gladys, this is Arthur again, in Mr. Collier's suite. We've got to

[fades out]

Elise McKenna: You will marry me won't you?

Richard Collier: [Richard coughs and splutters] Sorry

Elise McKenna: You won't?

[she asks rather worriedly]

Richard Collier: Sure, I Was just laughing at the way you asked that's all

Elise McKenna: For one moment there, I thought you had a wife and children back home somewhere

[she chuckles]

Richard Collier: Oh Elise

Richard Collier: Arthur, you know in the Hall of History, there's a photograph, a young woman. There's no nameplate.

Arthur Biehl: Yes, that's Elise McKenna. She was a famous actress in her day. Starred in a play in the hotel theater.

Richard Collier: I-I'm sorry. Did you say there was a theater here?

Arthur Biehl: Yes. Down by the lake.

Richard Collier: Really? When was this play done?

Arthur Biehl: 1912.

[first lines]

[various snippets in crowd chatter]

Richard Collier: I got some news. There was an agent in the house tonight, and he said he thinks this play might be good enough for Broadway.

[cheers from crowd]

Richard Collier: Fingers crossed, who knows? Come on, let's all have some cake.