Summer School (1979)

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A virginal college student undergoes a sexual transformation at a private girls school.


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Stu Segall


Sarah Jane Smith

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13 December 2009 | Wolfgang_Rodenbach
| No sign of Mr. Shoop
Back in the Seventies, porn movies were produced just like any other movie. Shot on film on actual locations as opposed to cheap video and cheap sets. Also, women were hairy and men even more so. Sure, there was less money and talent to work with than in mainstream movies, but you can't have everything. This one even starts off quite believable as virginal Jamie (from Virginia) gives her boyfriend Kurt a toss goodbye but refuses to put it in her mouth lest he makes her gag. Of course things change for Jamie soon after she arrives at her quiet secluded summer school of Queensbrook for the summer. Also in true Seventies style, all the students look like they're in their late twenties to early thirties.

Obviously our girl (played by Larien Dominique) has come to the right place to be taught that what she needs to learn most in life: how to get in touch with her own sexuality. There doesn't seem to be much else going on at school except students having sex with teachers (all three of them) anyway. Jamie meets her roommate Sandy (Sharon Kane) who explains about her secret sorority group based on sexual freedom. Before being allowed in, each potential member has to seduce one or more Queensbrook staff members. Obviously the teachers have long gotten used to this sort of thing, as the first sex scene features Miss Caroline Smith (Pat Manning, no idea what she's supposed to be teaching) seducing one of the few male students, Jack (R. J. Reynolds).

Sandy tells Jamie how fellow group member Mary (Lisa Loring) had to get it on with both gardeners Bob and Edgar (one of these guys actually put up a bit of a struggle on account of his wife and kids). Afterward Jamie and her roommate Sandy try out each others bodies in the shower. Meanwhile group leader Paula (Lysa Thatcher) has sex with Ernie the mustached teacher (Ken Scudder) in the woods. Turns out she's only doing it for the money. At about the same time, bearded professor Donahue (Aaron Stuart) makes a pass at Jamie but she refuses. Guess what Jamie's rite of passage turns out to be? Yep, to give in to that 'revolting creep' Donahue. But it turns out he likes to be dominated by young girls, so after practicing with Jack, she's ready to take on the task. In a rather rushed coda, Jamie becomes the head of the sorority after Paula moves to the city. No word of what happened to that poor schmuck she left pining for her back home in Virginia, though.

7 out of 10


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