Jane Dobson: Have you ever made love in the air?

Prof. Tony Farms: How else would you make little puma men?

Prof. Tony Farms: Uhm, tell me. Are we meeting in a dream?

Jane Dobson: I don't think so.

Prof. Tony Farms: Then it's really true. I fell from the third floor.

Vadinho: Each man is a God. Each man is free.

Kobras: I always perfer to strike first.

[repeated line]

Kobras: Your mind and your will belong to me... forever!

Kobras: You cannot escape me! You can no longer jump into space! Because you are made of earth! And to earth, you shall return!

Vadinho: I do not need to kill to find you.

Jane Dobson: I've never seen anybody make love in the air before!

Prof. Tony Farms: But that's how you make little puma men.

Kobras: The man who control the destiny of the world will be here! When the world is mine, I alone will decide whether it is to be war or peace, life or death, according to the New Order which I shall establish!

Kobras: There is often more truth in legend than in history.