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  • I got this recently as part of the "Nunsploitation Box Set" (yes, there really is such a thing), and I was disappointed because I thought this was the original late 60's "Nun of Monza", the film that really inspired the whole modern "nunsploitation" genre. Actually though, it's the later 80's version by the immensely untalented Bruno Mattei. Mattei is a considered by many to be a "sleazemeister". Well, the "sleaze"part might be right, but he's not a "meister" of anything. Besides, plenty of TALENTED Italian directors were positively wallowing in sleaze by the early 80's. All Mattei really brought to the party was a staggering cinematic ineptitude.

    For a Mattei film though, this isn't that bad. He actually sticks pretty much to the classic story of the nun of Monza, who is put in a convent by her wealthy father, rises to a position of power within the convent after her father's death, and brings about her own downfall when she gets involved with a man. There are,of course, some exploitative digressions--an orgy here, some gratuitous hardcore horse porn there. There's a priest who takes confession dressed in a red devil outfit (he's just come from an orgy, you see) and then tries to rape the penitent nun. The priests here are ridiculously horny (and for women--I don't know where all the altar boys are). This probably resembles contemporary sex romps like Joe D'Amato's "Images in a Convent" more than it does the original, no doubt more serious "Nun of Monza", but for better or worse it lacks a lot of the supernatural hokum of the D'Amato film. And god knows it's better than Mattei's truly unwatchable follow-up "The Other Hell".

    It's interesting to see Eastern European actress Zora Kerova in a lead role. Kerova was kind of (to put it frankly) a perennial piece of ass in various Italian sleaze classics like "Terror Express". "Escape from a Women's Prison", "Cannibal Ferox", and "The New York Ripper". She was probably better suited to that, but she's not completely terrible here. I'm sure Anne Heywood was better in the original movie (and she certainly is in "Nuns of Archangel", which is also in the box set). The movie itself is not completely terrible, and back-handed as it is, that's a genuine compliment for a Bruno Mattei flick.
  • Eriprando Visconti's 1969 film 'The Nun of Monza' is often hailed as one of the founding entries of the nunsploitation genre; and one of the best, but Bruno Mattei obviously didn't feel that Eriprando Visconti told the story properly and so, for reasons of artistic integrity I'm sure, decided to make his own version; entitled 'The True Story of the Nun of Monza', in order to right whatever wrongs were present in the earlier version of the film. Well, it would seem that the older one simply wasn't trashy enough and didn't feature enough nudity, and Mattei certainly corrected that; although the rest of the film suffers as a result. The plot focuses on Sister Virginia de Leyva; a nun who becomes the Mother Superior of her convent in Monza. However, all is not rosy as the nun is plagued by dreams involving various forms of debauchery; and her problems aren't just limited to her sleep either, as it turns out that the convent is also a place of sin as her fellow nuns enjoy lustful encounters with one another.

    This film was apparently shot at the same time as Mattei's other nunsploitation flick, The Other Hell and while this film is not very good; it is at least better than the more well known one. The original Nun of Monza was actually quite a high quality nunsploitation flick; and while this one is of a higher quality than some entries in the genre, it's still clearly a trashy eighties film. Still, the film is not a complete dead loss. Bruno Mattei may have hit the nunsploitation genre a little bit too late; but he still manages to create an often interesting tale. Much of the film is taken up by various sex acts and demonic imagery; but the director does manage something in the way of a foreboding atmosphere and the film is usually somewhat interesting. However, too much of it is dragged out and it feels like its never really going anywhere; which is even more disappointing considering how heavy the story in the original film was. However, Mattei fans may find something to like here and I wouldn't hesitate to call this the director's best foray into this genre.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sweet, but sexy young sister Virginia de Mayva (an excellent performance by the luscious Zora Kerova) becomes the new Mother Superior at the convent of Monza. Said convent proves to be a veritable hotbed of sinful carnality and depravity. Debauched priest Don Arrigone (a superbly anguished portrayal by Franco Corazzi) and lecherous womanizer Giampaolo Osio (a perfectly slimy turn by Mario Cutini) plot to seduce Sister Virginia. But will their wicked and lustful actions go unnoticed? Director Bruno Mattei does a bang-up job of effectively creating and sustaining a strong brooding atmosphere of guilt, repression, and simmering sexual longing. Claudio Fracassi's blithely sleazy script covers all the essential lurid bases: we've got whippings, rape, lesbianism, masturbation, copious tasty distaff nudity, and even group sex all present and accounted for. Moreover, the cast act with real gusto: Kerova and Corazzi do sterling work in the leads, with able support from Paola Corazzi as the saucy Sister Candida, Paola Montenero as the sadistic Sister Benedetta, and Leda Simonetti as the brash Margherita. Giuseppe Bernardini's slick cinematography gives the picture an attractive glossy look. Gianni Marchetti's funky-groovin' syncopated score further adds to the considerable naughty goings-on. Fans of choice dirty Italian exploitation junk should really enjoy this flick.
  • Groan, this is the second Bruno Matti nunxploitation film I've seen this week. I could simply copy and paste my review of Matti's 'The Other Hell' and it would still be an accurate review.

    It only reinforces how nunxploitation is by far the laziest of the exploitation sub genres. And that's saying something! Rent some nun costumes, use a church as your set, use classical public domain music, have some orgies of both blood and sex, cut print done in one take.

    At least 'The Other Hell' had a coherent plot. Silly and boring but there was a beginning, middle and end. 'The True Story of the Nun of Monza' is impossible to follow! And I really did try. It's just one nun orgy after another and another. While this is typical of a nunxploitation film, this time Matti seems to be going for the record. There's a nun orgy every 30 seconds! The only reasons for the breaks in between is for them to find another decomposing dead body. Who are these dead characters? How did they die? Are they being murdered? If the film doesn't know or care why should the audience? Back to the nun orgies! Seriously! There's no explanation for these dead body scenes!

    I honestly cannot describe the plot because there is NONE!

    Note how all the positive reviews praise this as a dark comedy. If nun orgies are your thing there are far more entertaining nunxploitation films to choose from.

    The positive reviews also praise this a not being one of Bruno Matti's worse films. That's like saying a root canal is more fun than castration.

    This is one to skip even if you're going through Bruno Matti's entire filmography. Let's not and say we did.
  • Trash version of the story of the nun of Monza, featuring some truly absurd scenes, hilarious dialogue and Gothic horror influences. This is much more light and strangely funny compared to much more dramatic 1969 version of the same theme. Entertaining and funny but trash movie still. 4/10.