Eileen Brennan, Hal Williams, and Damita Jo Freeman reprised their roles from the original 1980 movie starring Goldie Hawn. For the TV series, the name of Freeman's character was changed from Pvt. Gloria Moe to Pvt. Jackie Sims.

Polly Holliday was added to the cast after Eileen Brennan was seriously injured after being struck by a speeding car travelling at 50 miles an hour. Polly was intended as a short-term replacement character, but the show was cancelled after she appeared in just two episodes. It was said that the program's marginal ratings, along with Eileen's extended hiatus due to her injuries, made it no longer viable to continue production on the series.

For some reason they decided against using Oscar winner Bill Conti's score. Conti scored the movie; he also scored the Oscar winning Rocky score. (It was too expensive to pay residuals to Conti. It was a common practice then to hire network contract composers to write scores for a cheaper rate.)