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  • In 1981, NBC had aired The Brady Girls Get Married, a made for TV movie that reunited the entire Brady family. Jan and Marcia are engaged to two men, Wally Logan and Philip Covington III (one is goofy and lazy and the other one is stuffy and uptight). Jan and Marcia both want their wedding the same day, but can't decide whether to have a modern or traditional wedding. The actual ceremony is just an excuse to remake the wedding cake disaster from the first Brady Bunch episode.

    As a modest TV viewer in the late '90s, this film popped up quite a bit on the Fox Family Channel, along with the spin-off, The Brady Brides, and 1990's The Bradys, a poor attempt at making the BB series into a hour-long dramaedy. The corny humor is still in the movie, but it flows along nicely.
  • Pheebs148715 December 2001
    I love this movie, as all true Brady lovers do. Jan and Marcia have a double wedding, Jan to Phillip, her boyfriend of three years, and Marcia to Wally, the object of weeklong whirlwind romance, but along the way they experience some troubles. I especially love this movie because it is the only Brady revival film that brings back all the original cast members. Everyone should enjoy this fantastically fantastic film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Another day in the Bradyverse. Greg is now a doctor, Marcia is a clothing designer, Peter is in the Air Force, Jan took after her step-father and became an architect, and Bobby and Cindy are still in college. Carol is now a real estate agent, and Mike, of course, is still an architect. Alice is now retired and now knows how to drive, Sam is still a butcher and owns the same shop, Cousin Oliver went back to live with his mom and dad, Aunt Pauline and Uncle Jack, with the latter 3 neither seen nor mentioned in this movie. That's the update on the characters in this movie. Marcia and Jan now start preparing for a double-wedding, with chaos along the way. Peter can't make it to the original date, due to flight exercises. So, in order for all 4 unmarried Brady kids to be there, they reschedule, which also results in chaos. Greg has to trade another shift. Cindy's drama class is putting on a show. And, Bobby has his baseball game. Everyone makes it to the wedding at different times. Peter is the first to show up, with his Air Force suit. Bobby is the second, ruining his shoes in the process. Last but not least, Greg shows up, wearing white tennis shoes with his suit. Now the whole family, which includes, Mike, Carol, Alice, Greg, Marcia, Wally, Peter, Jan, Phillip, Bobby and Cindy. Than, some off-screen characters, such as Oliver, Sam, Jack and Pauline. Now everything is almost perfect, than it rains. And with no place else to go, everything continues inside the Brady house. Than the reception occurs, and just like in the series, the cake falls on the groom, with everyone roaring in laughter. What a happy ending!
  • As you'll see for yourselves It's a very nice trip down memory lane as are many reunion shows but this one especially with the whole original Brady Bunch cast of the 1969-74 cast intact except for Sam The Butcher of course he's mentioned but still unseen.Anyhow from the flashback of the quote of "Marcia,Marcia,Marcia" when Jan asks "Isn't this going to change?" in response to wanting it to be Marcia First.In regards to Jan making her a wedding interrupted and beyond the/their shows old time theme stays the same of which is La Plus Ca Change a.k.a. The More things change the more they stay the same.This starts off with Carol saying to Mike how the kids are all out of the house & now Cindy's off to College "I'm an unemployed Mother."Later Jan announces her engagement to Philip to the parents & then Carol says "Oh but I so much wanted it to be Marcia First."Jan asks "Isn't this ever going to change?"then it flashed back to her saying"All I ever hear is Marcia ,Marcia,Marcia."then afterwords Marcia is bribed into going out with Wally & after 7 wonderful days announces to the parents how they're engaged tells her Mom how she said she knew in less than a week that she was in love with Dad.She said "Well yes but that was when I was older & already had kids." Wally asks "Want us to have kids first? "Mike is about to get Mad & then Wally says "Uh,just a little attempt at humor."then when they're asked if they let Wally's parents know too & Wally said "Yes & they think that we're just as crazy as you do."Then Carol said "Well then I guess you both come from very good Homes."Later when Carol says over the phone to Cindy "I'm relieved to know that at least one of my girls isn't getting married."Cindy says "Well there's this guy I've been seeing and..."Carol then gets scared & Cindy then says "I was Just kidding!"The Phone change of scenes with The Girls and their Fiances while making plans for the Wedding & in conclusion all saying "Okay with me"while nodding their heads with the classic music going to the ads is also Symbolic and Nostalgic of episode of the episode of the original show when the scene change of when the parents were reading the books as they changed places for one day insisting each ones'job is easier.When Carol informed Greg by Phone he then said'Oh the first Brady Wedding and then he recalled when Marcia had gone out with someone while she had braces and he then did too but still not quite the same as hers.As you can see for yourself that The Hilarity & Hijinks just keeps moving on & on.You've just got to see it for yourself & mark my words you'll be taken away.As to how then as now the more things change,the more they stay the same But my most favorite aspect is of course when after the Wedding gets rained on outdoors with the Piano player still playing Carol looks at the 3 girls on the bed and it then changes to a still picture of when they're little and back. Carol Asks Mike "Doesn't that cake bring back Memories?" but only for after the flashback of the dog chasing the cat to have something as similar as that to happen at the Girls Wedding too.Bobby also still gets the youngest sibling mistreatment from his older brothers and that's part of what causes the cake mess at the current wedding next.

    Truthfully, Stephen "Steve" G.Baer a.k.a."Ste" of Framingham,Ma.USA
  • The Brady Girls Get Married (1981) was another attempt to revive the wholesome family sit-com The Brady Bunch. But like all of their latter short lived series, what started out as a good idea sours very quickly. The two oldest Brady girls (Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb) have found two guys who are willing to get married to them. But they're afraid that their parents will make a big deal out of it. What is happen when mom and dad find out? Will they make a big deal out of it? Which real Brady wont so up this time? To find out you'll just have to watch THE BRADY GIRLS GET MARRIED!!

    The ratings for this show were high enough to get a show based upon the Brady Brides. But the viewers just wern't there to continue the series. Soon , the show would disappear off of the air and the pilot would wind up in syndication on channels like Superstation T.B.S. (circa 1988). Fear not, a few years down the road The Brady Bunch will get back together again for another mad-for-t.v.-movie-turned-pilot!

    Recommended? Not unless you're a die-hard Brady Bunch fan.