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  • beatabeatrix14 October 2020
    First, I'd like to point out that the photo used for this version of La certosa di Parma is incorrect. That is from a later version. It should feature Andrea Occhipinti as Fabrizio del Dongo and Pascale Reynaud as Clelia.

    I saw this when it came on PBS all those years ago. Even bought the tie-in paperback. I loved it and it made a profound impression on me.

    It's never been shown again. Perhaps if you have access to Rai player, yes you can view it. It's not available on DVD as far as I can tell.

    It would be wonderful to see this once again, with the beautiful Marthe Keller and the great Gian Maria Volontè.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In my adolescence, Stendhal was to me an author of swashbucklers. Yet I was profoundly impressed by his style, by the charm of his two most known novels. So I did not revere him yet, but the style already made the profoundest impression upon me. I looked it upon as the ideal style (I repeat, I mean the style of his novels, of his narrations).

    Then came a few sentences from a Nietzsche's book. That rehabilitated to me Stendhal as a classic novelist, if I am to use this label. Then there was a lesson at school, when our teacher resumed for us, briefly, LE ROUGE ….Again, I was very impressed—this time, by the very content of the novel, its richness and density and intrinsic interest.

    The entire rehabilitation came from an essay by Genette, read in '97 (and reread later …). That essay lead me to join the cult, the club of our master. In short, the others' perspectives on his books greatly improved my knowledge of him. I was as impressed with his books as with others' enthusiasm for him.

    I belong to those who find much more interesting his novels themselves, than the man who wrote them (i.e., I am not interested in his two main novels as personal ,private documents or confessions, but as fiction). I loathe _biographism. I loathe biographic explanations and approaches in literary criticism. I tax it as cheap, petty exploitation.