[the Misfits are digging with sticks and their hands in a pile of foul-smelling mud looking for Ta, who seems to have disappeared]

Ta: [re-appearing from behind a rock and pointing at the 'mud'] Doo-doo!

[Ta giggles, and the Misfits all stop and turn, staring at Ta]

Atouk: [Angrily] Ca-ca.

Nook: [looking with disgust at his fingers and then right into the camera] Shit.

[the Misfits all grab Ta and throw him into the doo-doo]

Atouk: Zug-zug!

Atouk: [as Bork holds up the corpse of a slain bird-like creature] Ool?

Nook: [with modern accent] "Ool," no. Food.

Lar: [looks to Atouk] "Fud"?

Atouk: [not knowing what Nook is talking about] *Ool.*

[others agree: "Ool."]

Nook: [pointing to the campfire] That's fire.

Atouk: [looking at Nook like he's lost a few marbles; after all, Atouk just discovered and named it!] Haraka.

[Others repeat, "Haraka". Nook puts his palm to his cheek, looking frustrated]

Atouk: [pointing to Nook] Bobo?

Nook: Friend.

Atouk: "Fend"? *Bobo*!

Lar: [slowly and exaggeratedly] Bobo.

[others repeat, "Bobo."]

Atouk: [getting that Nook has different words, challenges him to a definition battle] "Alounda."

Nook: "Love."

Atouk: "Zug-zug."

[Nook pauses, looking as if at either a loss for words or for MPAA rating. Lar and others begin to chuckle triumphantly]

Nook: [shrugging in defeat] All right... "Zug-zug."

[last lines]

Lar: [whispering to Gog] Atouk alounda Tala.

Atouk: [draws in the dirt a stick figure with huge breasts, representing Lana] Hmmmmm, Lana! Atouk alounda Lana.

Lar: Nya! Lana alounda Tonda. Tonda alounda Lana.

[He draws in the dirt a stick figure with an enormous nose, representing Atouk, and points to it]

Lar: Atouk.

[He makes a fist and shows it to Atouk]

Lar: Tonda.

[Blowing a raspberry, he smears the Atouk figure into oblivion, then holds up his hand and lets some dirt trickle from it]

Lar: Atouk.

[angry roar of Tyrannasaurus rex-like dinosaur]

Atouk: Macha!

Lar: *Macha* macha!

Lar: Atouk, nya haraka.

Atouk: Tonda haraka. Tonda haraka!

[Atouk's tribe goes to reclaim their fire from Tonda's tribe]

[tribe offers Lana ool for alounda]

Lana: [refusing] Nya ool.

Atouk: Nya ool.

Lana: Atouk. Lana alounda Atouk.

Tala: [looking on, angry] Lana.

Gog: Tonda Lana?

Bork: Lar?

Atouk: Lar nya.

Kalta: Nya?

Atouk: Lar glug-glug-glug.

Kalta: Atouk!

BorkKalta: Lar!

Lana: [caressing] Atouk.

Atouk: Cuda. Haraka.

Kalta: Haraka.

Lana: Atouk...?

Kalta: Lar.

Atouk: Haraka! Haraka!

Lana: [seductively] Atouk... Atouk. Atouk.

Tala: [as Atouk returns to Lana's embrace] Lana, Lana.

Ta: Atouk, cuda.

[others exclaiming "Lar! Cuda! Atouk? Lar!"]

Atouk: [agreeing, gets up] Cuda. Cuda!

Lana: Atouk.

Folg: Cuda. Cuda!

[tribe relates to returning Atouk of Tonda's raid on their camp, stealing their ool and kidnapping their women]

Atouk: Tonda.

Lar: Tonda.

Atouk: [to Gog] Lana? Tala?

Gog: Tala. Oh, Tala.

Gog: [growls] Tonda

Gog: [growls as he raises his arms up higher, imitating Tonda, then sniffs his armpit] Ooh! Tonda.

Atouk: [accepts identification] Tonda.

Lar: [enraged] Tonda!

[Lar grabs a large branch as a weapon. Atouk holds him back, picks up a branch and a rock, then puts them together. Montage of the tribe inventing the first weapons and armor]

[first lines]

Atouk: Macha! Macha! Macha!

Atouk: Atouk.

Tala: Tala.

Atouk: Lar.

Lar: Lar.

Tala: Tala. Gog. Gog pooka. Gog.

Lar: Gog!

Tala: Atouk!

[hugs Atouk]

Lar: Ah! Ha-Ha! Atouk. Tala. Zug-zug.

Tala: Mmm. Atouk. Tala. Zug-zug?

Atouk: Nah. Atouk zug-zug Lana.

Tala: Lana?