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  • Like airline disaster movies, one staple of 1970's cinema that was ripe for spoofing was the sub-genre of pre-historic melodrama influenced by "Korg: 1,000,000 B.C."(1966). Enter, "Caveman," a movie as willing to stick it to this genre as "Airplane!"(1980) was willing to do so to the Airport series, and countlessly similar movies and made-for-TV movies. You won't exactly find humor on the level of Monty Python's Flying Circus, The Young Ones, or Daria here, but it's still good for some laughs.

    Atouk(Ringo Starr) has a huge crush on his tribal leader's wife Lana(Barbara Bach), but even if he didn't he's severely mistreated by Tonda(John Matousak), just because he can do so. Tonda is a huge thug who'd rather allow his fellow tribe-members to get eaten by numerous dinosaurs(which they call "Machas"), than try to save them. After he tries to "zug-zug" with Lana, he's kicked out of the tribe, and on the way finds Lar(Dennis Quaid) who was previously left to die after being injured fleeing a Macha.

    Along the way they run into Tala(Shelly Long) and her blind father, Gog(Jack Gilford) who nearly drowns in a tar pit until Atouk and Lar save him. Tala immediately falls for Atouk, but he's not interested, which is a shame because she was gorgeous. Shelley Long has never looked as good as she does here. If I were in Atouk's position, I'd dump my aloonda for Lana and zug-zug Tala till she screamed like a Macha, and perhaps even afterwards. Evan Kim is interesting as Nook, the leader of the much more articulate cavemen, who are NOT all WASP heterosexuals of normal size, and and decides to join Atouk and his growing clan as they team up to eventually battle Tonda and his clan for both Ool(food) and pride. Atouk is admired by many other primitive people he comes across, partially because he discovers fire, chiropractic medicine, hallucinogenic plants, and rhythm, which is why Starr is perfect for the role.

    The big disappointment here is the fact that the DVD has no translation card of the primitive language, which was originally offered to patrons of the movie when it was first released. At least they could've made a translation section as one of the special features. Other than that it was as silly as hell, and well worth seeing.
  • I just had a look at the new DVD of one of my all-time favorite comedies (and I don't watch a lot of comedies), `Caveman.' It's one of the VERY few comedies that I can watch more than once. The rudimentary nature of much of the humor doesn't, in my opinion, make it a kid's film, although I think lots of kids would enjoy it. Bumping your head or falling on your arse has been funny since the Jurassic period. That's one of the great constants of human culture. Mix in some stop-motion rubber dinosaurs and a huge bug, and I think you'd have to have a stick permanently implanted up the bum not to at least get some laughs.

    After reading some of the other comments, I'd like to make a point or two about this film: Yes, the stop-motion dinosaurs are not realistic. It's a comedy (duh!), and they're supposed to be funny, not realistically frightening a la Jurassic Park. The language spoken isn't Swedish (are you putting us on, dude from Toronto?), but a prehistoric language fabricated for this film. Caveman flicks have been doing that at least since the 1940 version of `One Million B.C.,' and these made-up caveman languages always sound to me a bit like Esperanto, another fabricated language. The language in `Caveman' may have been intended to parody that old film cliché.

    The menu of the new DVD offers multiple soundtracks in English, French and Spanish. Be sure to check them out, suckers. There's really no extras on the DVD (some commentary from Ringo might have been fun), but it has an excellent anamorphic picture, which is enough for me. It never looked quite as good as it does here. It's just a good-natured comedy that's executed with style and artistry. It looks great, has some superb comedic actors that hit just the right note, and gets maximum effect from the simple gags it presents without in the least belaboring them (Mel Brooks fanatics, take note).
  • An excellent movie I always enjoy to watch, one of my favorites of all times.

    Ringo Starr excellent as Atouk!

    The dinosaurs also funny, I always laugh out loud when I see them, absolutely silly!

    Although the actors don't speak English (except the Asian guy!), their caveman language is so real and understandable, they way they explain everything, so funny and easy to understand for everyone!.

    This movie is one of a kind!

    I hope everybody could enjoy this movie as much as I do every time I have the chance to watch it.

    If you want to have moments of fun, this is a must-have in your collection.
  • Some movies are to be taken serious, this is not one of them. It's a comical look at prehistoric life. It's not supposed to be accurate in historic detail, it's supposed to make you laugh and this movie did just that. Ringo Starr is great as the unlikely hero Atouk and his wife at the time, Barbara Bach plays the sexy prehistoric temptress wonderfully. Watch for scenes with Shelley Long and Dennis Quaid and you get a glimpse of their early careers.
  • Very few films have the capacity to change the way we think and feel about the world around us. This is one of them.

    This touching film is about daring caveman Atouk and his brave companion Lar, who are expelled from their tribes, journey through exotic, precambrian lands, learning about the people and world around them. Ultimately they form their own tribe and, more importantly, learn cameraderie, the heart of what it means to be human and to have love. Caught up in the chaos of a savage, ancient world, Atouk and Lar eventually have to struggle just to stay alive.

    This movie lost the Best Picture Oscar in 1981, but history will likely remember "Caveman" for much longer. And with more fondness. The cinematography is excellent. Alan Hume's prehistoric world is photographed as a mystical paradise. Then, we see the horror of human greed, lust and cruelty, also stunningly photographed. There is also a nice scene with a bunch of people thrashing about in a large pile of dung. It looked so realistic, that for a moment, I felt like it wasn't a movie, but a documentary.

    The acting is top notch, especially early performances from Dennis Quaid, who exposes his buttocks and Barbara Bach, who should have. In one scene, Dennis Quaid makes impressive use of method acting, urinating against a glacier. And Ringo Starr deserved the Oscar he unfairly lost to Dudley Moore that year.

    Everyone needs to see this movie at least once. Although it might be a little disturbing, the violence is not gratuitous, the love affairs wistful and heartbreaking. Despite the tragic elements, however, the movie is inspirational. One of the best films to come out of the 80s!

    It's underrated films like this that don't get any publicity and the over-rated, pointless films do. I guess that's just the way Hollywood operates. This is one of the saddest, most touching, most unsettling, most moving films I've ever seen. It's one of the best. It nakedly shows the rudimentary nature of humanity, by showing our primal origins, when a fire, meat and the warmth of a lover and support of friends was all that kept us from the brink of death. "Caveman" captures and horrifies the viewer. There is something classical about the plot of "Caveman." If Aeschylus was alive today and making films, he would have made "Caveman."

    The vivid imagery and music is outstanding, but the acting and intensity shown is very realistic. This is one of the most harrowing, gripping films I've ever seen, reminding me of so many other films of the era. "Quest for Fire" being one, but "The Killing Fields" being another. "The Killing Fields" is a movie about people who weren't exactly on the front lines, nor are they exceptional warriors. They're everyday people, like you or me, who do what they can to help one another out. "Caveman" is like this.

    I can't put my finger on exactly what it is about this film that gets to me so much, but it is THE most haunting, emotional film experience one could hope for.

    Excellent performances from the cast. A brilliant score by Lalo Schifrin. Scenes of high emotion, tension, drama, horror and even one or two pieces of light relief, usually involving Shelly Long.

    An excellent film. Certainly one of the best foreign films in recent memory, "Caveman" is ripe for a new Director's Cut edition, or perhaps a modern English-version remake featuring John Malkovich. I have only ever seen the original, undubbed and not-subtitled version (I never figured out what language it was -- probably Swedish) and had difficulty with some of the more elaborate dialogues.
  • DaCritic-215 October 1999
    I had pretty low expectations when I first saw this movie. I then found it hilariously funny. Some of the humor is a little juvenile, but the "caveman" language (developed by Ringo Starr himself ... I think he claimed once on the Tonight Show that his favorite word was "zug-zug," which meant "having sex") was great; also an amusing scene where the cavemen who speak this language meet a caveman who speaks English and tries to teach it to them.

    Not to mention dumb dinosaurs, a humungous mosquito, Atouk's (Ringo Starr) pile of unappreciated inventions, and Lana's (Bach) come-uppance at the end.

    Good, mindless fun.
  • Ex-Beatle Starr joins a jock and some real actors in this zany stone age romp. I suppose the ringed one will never be a top actor but I always enjoy his films. This stuff was so goofy it kept me in stitches the whole time. Solid fun with loads of laughs.
  • milescorn11 November 2004
    I remember seeing this film at the Drive-in way back in '81. Back then I thought it was great. Very funny film with a good solid cast, and the best Dinasores ever. And to see Bull (Richard Moll) as the snow monster is wonderful. With one great joke after another, you don't need to speak cave talk to understand this gem. They just do not know how to make movies like this anymore. Now do not get me wrong, all that CGI stuff is great and all, but I really like these movies with the stop animation, it takes me back to the days of Ray Harryhausen. I recommend this film to watch when ever you need a good laugh.

    Four stars.
  • This movie may not be an example of great acting, or great writing, but it is great entertainment! I could watch it 50 times, and every time, I see a little bit more. The humor is often subtle, and sometimes it hits you in the face, but it is always FUNNY.... and what's so bad about that??? I recommend this movie to anyone who wants just to laugh, and be silly, and not think too hard. Simply enjoy! Ringo is a hoot! Dennis Quaid is perfect as the simple sidekick! Barbara Bach is sexy and sufficiently manipulative. And Shelley Long does the classic good girl perfectly! And the ending is oh-so-satisfying! What more could you want?
  • Some have been a bit harsh with this little film and totally missed the point. We all know that dinosaurs and man didn't coexist but that is beside the point. This film refuses to take itself seriously and why should it? What I found charming was the language the cave folk used,not until a man from the land of the rising sun,seemed to help us viewers with some of the more obscure words. Like the difference between"Aloonda and Zugg-Zugg". (There's a difference?). It figures that the Japanese man would offer the translation,but he gives up and goes along with their slang. John Matuszak,former NFL player,was a perfect casting as Tonda. Some of their very important "discoveries" are a real hoot too. Look for a surprise actor playing the Snowman!
  • Caveman is one of those movies which, like Airplane, is funniest at it's first viewing. Subsequent viewings don't really stand the test of time.

    That said it's a pretty funny film (anything with Ringo Starr as the main actor has to be inherently ridiculous). Dennis Quaid gets an early part as the hero's side-kick and Barbara Bach is the love interest.

    There are plenty of funny moments, but it's the creatures that really steal the film. They're all animated by stop-motion and have the most ridiculously bulging golf-ball eyes. They also have been given a certain amount of anthropomorphism, which makes them characters, not merely decorations.

    This movie is also almost entirely dialogued in "Caveman-ish" Apart from one scene, there's no English spoken at all. However, it takes almost no time to pick up the entire caveman vocabulary and you'll find caveman words creeping into your everyday life when you least expect it. Words like "Tonda", "Zug-zug" and "Macha" all have their place and you'll find yourself using them amongst your friends if you watch the movie together with a few beers.

    It seems incredible, though, that when the film was released theatrically, they handed out flyers explaining the language and what the words meant. How stupid did they think the average movie-goer was? It's far more fun and entertaining to figure it out yourself, and to be honest, it's not at all hard.

    It's also surprising that this flick doesn't turn up on TV more often. It's harmless fun and enjoyable enough to watch every so often.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Runtish nice guy caveman Atouk (a wonderfully engaging performance by Ringo Starr) has the hots for the gorgeous, but stuck-up and self-absorbed Lana (luscious Barbara Bach, who looks simply stunning in her skimpy two piece fur bikini outfit). Atouk gets banished from his tribe by hulking brute chief Tonda (fearsome behemoth John Matuszak). Atouk becomes leader of his own tribe of misfits. Moreover, the sweet Tala (Shelley Long at her most cute and appealing) gets a crush on Atouk. Director Carl Gottlieb, who also co-wrote the blithely inane script with Rudy DeLuca, crafts a good-natured piece of silliness that unfolds at a constant snappy pace and maintains an amiably daffy and pleasant tone throughout. Sidesplitting comic highlights include the discovery of fire, the invention of music, a predatory tyrannosaurus rex getting stoned after eating marijuana, a gut-busting appearance by a shaggy and shambling Abominable Snowman (towering Richard Moll in gnarly make-up designed by Chris Walas), and Lana's ultimate comeuppance. The screwball humor remains endearingly goofy from start to finish; it never becomes too mean or vulgar. The delightfully ridiculous stop-motion animation dinosaurs by David Allen are especially hilarious. In addition, the enthusiastic cast have a ball with the broad material, with stand-out work by Dennis Quaid as Atouk's loyal friend Lar, Jack Gilford as blind old man Gog, Cork Hubbert as dwarf Ta, and Evan Kim as articulate Asian dude Nook. Alan Hume's slick cinematography makes nifty frequent use of wipes. Lalo Schifrin's robust, bouncy, funky score likewise hits the nutty spot. A cool and amusing romp.
  • In the Stone Age, the strong caveman Tonda (John Matuszak) is the leader of a hostile tribe and the outcast Atouk (Ringo Starr) feels unrequited desire for Tonda's mate Lana (Barbara Bach). One day, Atouk is walking with his best friend Lar (Dennis Quaid) and they meet the cavewoman Tala (Shelley Long). They save her blind father Gog (Jack Gilford) from a tar pit and Tala fells unrequited affection for Atouk. Soon the smart Atouk becomes the leader of the misfit tribe and dispute the leadership of the whole clan and Lana with Tonda. But in the end, the leader needs a worthwhile mate.

    "Caveman" is a hilarious silliness and is among the silliest movies ever made. But is funny and makes laugh a lot with the gags. The movie has its own language that is very easy to translate and understand the meaning of the words. Shelley Long is very beautiful and this movie introduced Ringo Starr to Barbara Bach that married each other in the end of the release year (1981). In the end, it is worthwhile watching this entertaining comedy. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): "Caveman – O Homem das Cavernas" ("Caveman – The Caveman")
  • bobbyfar749 October 2013
    this is my all-time favorite movie.I love the acting of RINGO STARR and the whole premise of the CAVEMAN time period.i remember watching this when it first came out in 1981,i was seven years old and stumbled upon it one Saturday afternoon on the USA channel and from there on it has turned into my fav of all time.Sincerely I must have watched this movie 100 times from beginning to end and it never gets old in fact it gets better after each viewing..i recommend this strongly and it didn't win any awards but it is a crowd pleaser.There are many movies that try to hard to be funny.I think this one just flows natural.Also SHELLY LONG and DENNIS QUAID give solid performances.If this movie came out today it would be loaded with cgi...I love the fact that it used stop-motion animation.It just adds to the mystique of this movie.
  • garrigusm2 April 2016
    This movie is great.

    People who say "this movie is mindless fun" are missing the depth that this simple movie has. There is a lot of thought given to this charming movie. I found no pointless side plots or scenes that are out of place with character motivations. The story is simple - boy likes girl who is already with a bigger guy. Boy tries to take her from the bigger guy and hijinks ensue.

    The greatness of this movie is it's characters and worldbuilding in this simple setup. Despite not being in English (they speak "Caveman"), the dialogue is consistent and the story is easy to follow. Cavemen and women have individual motivations and personalities. For example, Tonda the King of the Cavemen is a dim bully and despite being the strongest he makes his men do the work. He takes what he wants but has problems when it comes to thinking things through and using simple tools. Another caveman is the storyteller when things need to be explained to the tribe he's the one to do it.

    The movie's juvenile gags are classic and flow out of these characters. It's not heady stuff but I'd definitely describe the movie as funny. Is this a family movie? I'd say so, I've watched this movie with the whole family a few times and there is something for everyone in it. There are adult situations but they are played from an innocent point of view.

    I'd highly recommend this movie, at the time of this review the rating was 5 point something and that is way too low for this classic, I give it 8 stars.
  • Deliberate no-brainer comedy stars none other than Ringo Starr. Ringo plays Atouk, a caveman in one zillion b.c. who is considered inferior by the bigger and stronger men of his tribe, including the leader Tonda (John Matuszak). Cast out for attempting to get with Tondas' mate Lana (Barbara Bach), whom Atouk lusts after, Atouk forms his own tribe with misfits such as his good buddy Lar (Dennis Quaid), friendly stranger Tala (Shelley Long), and her blind father Gog (Jack Gilford).

    The movie is co-written by Rudy De Luca and Carl Gottlieb, the latter recognizable for having contributed to the script for "Jaws" and having played Meadows in that classic. It's often silly and childish, sometimes a little tiresome, but it's not attempting to be anything more than a goofy good time for comedy fans.

    The dialect spoken by our heroes and antagonists is most amusing: "aloonda" means love, "macha" means monster, "ool" means food, etc. "Zugzug" means...well, I think you can figure that out. It's not really that necessary to have a translation handy. The gags aren't always that successful, but the ones that work are pretty funny. One has to love the cartoon physics every time that Tonda tries to throw something heavy.

    The cast is lively and engaging. Ringos' hangdog looks are perfect for his hard luck character, and Dennis Quaid is a total hoot as another guy who often can't seem to catch a break. Both the stunning Bach and the sexy Long look good in skimpy cavewomen clothes. The real highlight of "Caveman" is the fantastic effects work of Jim Danforth and David Allen: those dopey dinosaurs are just hilarious and endearing. Note that the critters are credited as playing "themselves", with the exception of the Abominable Snowman, who's played by Richard Moll of 'Night Court' fame.

    Lalo Schifrin's music score is most amusing - the main theme is insidiously catchy - and there's plenty of fine location shooting in Mexico.

    Incidentally, this is where real-life married couple Bach and Ringo met.

    If you attempted to play a drinking game for every time a character name is uttered - especially Tonda - you'd be drunk before long.

    Seven out of 10.
  • If you're in the mood for some dumb fun, try this. Take the old Raquel Welch vehicle, One Million BC, and make it even sillier and campier, and you get this fun nonsense. A goofy parody of dinosaur films, this flick never takes itself the slightest bit seriously.

    Ringo Starr shows some surprising smarts for acting and comedy, playing a cross between Woody Allen and Barney Rubble. Except no talking: just grunts. A lot of grunts. Everybody in the cast grunts. No dialogue is necessary, anyway, the endless sight gags and slapstick bits tell you what little you need to know about the plot. The plot goes something like this: Ringo goofs up and is banished from his tribe. He and Dennis Quaid (Fred to Starr's Barney)wander around encountering odd Jurassic adventures. Look for Tickle Me Elmo's prehistoric ancestors, bug eyes, screeching high pitched noises, short arms, and all; they are definitely a highlight. The cast all seem to having a blast doing the movie, and the fun comes through on the screen. Shelly Long, John Matuszak, Jack Gilford and all the rest make for a good comedic time. There's all the usual dino dung and other similar type jokes, but they work in this movie.

    An exuberant cast, a clever script, and some outrageous sight gags make for cool some modern stone aged entertainment. Just turn your brain cell activity down to the "Sub-Neanderthal" level while watching.
  • This film is without a shadow of a doubt the greatest movie ever made. I loved it, and continue to love it since recently purchasing the DVD. Any one who has a beef with this movie needs to understand what exactly a bad movie is. If you watch this expecting "Forest Gump" your gonna leave p*ssed.

    Take my word for it and grab your self a pizza, a six pack, and some buddies and just sit and talk about its low budget, cheesy dialogue, bad special effects and silly slapstick. I think you'll agree that this film is to be treated as one of those gems that's fun to watch with friends. I'm still trying to figure out how they got Ringo Starr in it however...
  • acedj15 November 2019
    This is the story of Atook and Lar, two cavemen that are friends and the social outcasts of their tribe. The leader, anmed Toonda is an alpha male to the extreme and takes whatever he wants for himself, from the prettiest cave woman to food. His girlfriend/wife, the movie is not clear on this point is Lana, and poor Atook has it bad for her. Eventually Atook and Lar are cast out and they form their own tribe of similar outcasts and march on with a mind to defeat Toonda. There are only like 3 actual English words in this movie, as they all speak cavemanian, for lack of a better word. They do a good job of using visual cues so you can translate what is said. This is not a serious movie, like The Quest For Fire, and should not be judged like it is. There are stop motion dinosaurs in this movie that are quite laughable by today's standards, but again it should not be judged against today's effects. Ringo Star, Dennis Quaid and Shelly Long all do commendable jobs in this movie and you will laugh your butt off watching it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Caveman (1981): Dir: Carl Gottleib / Cast: Ringo Starr, Barbara Bach, Dennis Quaid, Shelley Long, John Matuszak: Inventive comedy set in those prehistoric days of yesteryear. It regards the rise of man through his sense of learning. Ringo Starr plays Atouk who is banished from his tribe due to an uncontrolled lust for Lana, chief Tonda's woman. He forms his own tribe and they discover fire, music, cooking, and learn to hunt, which leads to the biggest egg yoke in history. Intriguing concept is detailed within a series of creative subplots that climax with both tribes colliding. Dinosaur jokes are hilarious complete with a nearby ice age. Director Carl Gottleib is inventive and backed with hilarious dinosaurs whom Atouk must outwit. Starr is very funny as a nobody booted from his tribe only to form another to a higher degree of sophistication. The only drawback is the simplistic use of violence to solve the plot. Barbara Bach as Lana represents society's fantasy of women but how she is finally dealt with is perhaps the film's dirtiest sight joke. Dennis Quaid plays Lar, Atouk's best friend whom experiences the nearby ice age. Shelley Long as Tarla is the woman destine for Atouk and she even goes so far as to confront Tonda regarding Lana's whereabouts. John Matuszak provides the massive brute frame of Tonda who cannot throw a rock and let go of it. Well intentioned comedy about the pains of prehistoric life. Score: 8 / 10
  • Although one need not be stoned to watch and enjoy this movie, it doesn't hurt, and I would rate Caveman up there with The Marx Brothers' Duck Soup in terms of excellent stoner movies. Have seen it both ways, by the way, and it is equally hilarious so being in an altered state has nothing to do with the enjoyment of the experience.

    Great scenes after scenes after scenes, and while sophomoric and moronic, Caveman is gentle and feels like a cuddly sheepdog happy to see its master return home...don't think it gets much better than that. The first review, while tongue in cheek (and maybe other body parts in cheek), is right on in terms of superlatives and accolades.
  • Moviestar-625 January 2002
    This movie is hilarious. No other way to put it. I watched it today at my friends house and only now appreciated much of the humor, including the drugs and the gay cavemen. One especially funny scene is when the blind man was rubbing the Tyrannosaurus on the...ahem...and then whacked it with his cane. I rank this with Spaceballs as one of my all-time favorite movie spoofs. 10 out of 10.
  • piada10 September 2001
    faces, movements, music and scenes which are so stupid that you'll never forget that film. the dialogues are so limited that you'll learn to speak jurassic in 20 minutes. seems to be stupid but this film unites people: dialogues you can understand in every language, humour you can laugh about in every culture. this film is jurassically avanguardistic. - hope to see that realized on dvd.
  • Origin of the mysterious "ZugZug" - that says it all :)

    A hilarious film to say the least staring what are some now very well known talents.

    No one can take this movie seriously of course but that's the beauty in it.

    If nothing else it will most certainly provide some great laughs and is certain to entertain the entire family.

    However to be brief nothing else can ever set this film apart as much as the simple word: ZugZug.

    Nothing more really need be said after that ~_^

    And for those not privy to the joke.. lets just say ZUGZUG has become an infamous way to quickly answer the phone and hang it up again almost immediately when the caller rudely interrupts some "important activities"

    (For those that wish to understand just watch the movie and you shall see the light so to speak.)
  • This is one of the funniest movies of all time! Fake dinosaurs and pure slap-stick antics. Ice ages,clan wars and even a music video! The pure genius of the movie is the lack of dialog.

    The movie plays on the old theme of zero turns hero. When Atouk (Starr) is kicked out of the clan for coming onto the leaders(Matuszak) girlfriend Lana (Bach) the fun starts. From meeting ousted friend Lar (Quaid) and learning to walk up right, to frying dino eggs it is one adventure after another. Atouk tries to win Lana's attention in different ways but fails miserably, however along the way they make new friends, survive and ice age and learn to use fire.

    Do yourself a favor and rent this movie, or better yet buy it. If you like movies like "Airplane", "Caddy Shack" and "Dumb and Dumber" Then you will love this on.
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