Georgia: I love you like the Pilgrim loves the Holy Land, like the wayfarer loves his wayward ways, like the immigrant that I am loves America, and the blind man the memory of his sighted days.

Georgia: Do you know what we've never done?

Danilo: A lot of things.

Georgia: You got it, kiddo!

Danilo: [to his estranged father] Are we just gonna keep this up?

Mr. Prozor: What is it you are suggesting?

Danilo: I don't know... I've never even seen you smile.

Mr. Prozor: [long pause] When you were born I smiled.

Danilo: Well I guess I wasn't paying attention, that slipped by me.

Mr. Prozor: When you were born... I... took off my hat and I... beat on the table with it! And I'm almost sure... I was smiling...

[pauses, smiles for real, they all laugh]

Danilo: That looks good on you Papa!

Mr. Prozor: I'm tired and I have to go to work. That is America.

Georgia: I'm so tired of being young.

Georgia: Why does everything take so long?

Georgia: Shouldn't you be at work?

Danilo: I called in sick.

Georgia: Then you should call a doctor.

Danilo: I'm fine.

Georgia: Then you should be at work.