Anna: [reads from a book] In 1857, it's estimated there were 80,000 prostitutes in the county of London.

Mike: Yeah?

Anna: Out of every 60 houses, one was a brothel.

Mike: Hoo, hoo, hoo.

Anna: At a time when the male population of London of all ages was one and a quarter million, the prostitutes were receiving clients at a rate of two million per week.

Mike: Two million?

[describing how she became the French Lieutenant's mistress]

Sarah: Soon he no longer bothered to hide the nature of his intensions towards me. Nor could I pretend surprise. My innocence was false from the moment I chose to stay. I could tell you that he overpowered me, he drugged me. But it was not so... I gave myself to him.

Dr. Grogan: [quoting Dr. Hartmann's treatise on melancholia] "It was as if her torture had become her delight."

Sarah: I have set myself beyond the pale. I am nothing. I am hardly human any more.

Charles Henry Smithson: [to Sarah] There is talk in the town of committing you to an institution.

Charles Henry Smithson: [to Ernestina] I can assure you, the true charm of this world resides in this garden.

Sarah: [describing how she became the French Lieutenant's mistress] He took me to a private sitting room, ordered food. But... he had changed. He was full of smiles and caresses, but... I knew at once that he was insincere. I saw that I had been... an amusement for him. Nothing more. I saw all this within... five minutes of our meeting. Yet I stayed.

Sarah: I am the French Lieutenant's... whore.

Sarah: Do what you will. Or what you must. Now that I know there was truly a day upon which you loved me, I can bear anything.

Sarah: I have long imagined a day such as this. I have longed for it. I was lost from the moment I saw you.

Charles Henry Smithson: I too.

Sarah: You have given me the strength to live.