The chip shop that Gregory and Carol go to is called Capaldi's, it was owned by a member of the family of actor Peter Capaldi.

Dubbed with milder Scottish accents for the original American release.

The headmaster (Chic Murray) is interrupted as he is playing whimsical tunes on the school piano during the lunch break and responds "Off you go, you small boys". This scene was included after director Bill Forsyth heard Murray playing a piano in the school gym to entertain the rest of the cast between filming his scenes. The piece that he plays in the film is his own composition, entitled "Chic's Tune". When his agent discovered this, he insisted that Murray be paid a fee for its use.

In all Clare Grogan's close-up scenes, she is filmed from one side to hide the scars on her left cheek. For the longer shots of her face (eg the dancing-lying-down scene), her cheek was filled with mortician's wax to hide the scar. Several months before filming, the actress received terrible injuries when a broken glass was thrust into her face as she was fleeing a brawl in a Glasgow bar.

To perfect her football skills, Dee Hepburn trained with Partick Thistle football club.

While in the USA in 1982 to promote the film, Bill Forsyth attended the Academy Award Ceremony at the invitation of his friend David Puttnam. At the after party to celebrate Puttnam's win with Chariots of Fire (1981), Forsyth was speaking with the producer of the show. He said the part he most enjoyed was the staging on the performance of For Your Eyes Only with Sheena Easton. Forsyth was stunned to learn that the staging of the 4 minute performance cost more than his entire production and publicity budget on Gregory's Girl.

The phone box where Carol changed her clothes was removed by BT (along with many others around the country) but replaced after a campaign by locals. It was, however, replaced by a contemporary box as the one from the film had already been sold for scrap. It is still there (Ash Road in Abronhill) to this day even though it is rarely used.

The tree under which Gregory and Susan were "dancing" was struck by lightning and no longer grows.

Abronhill High School, where the school scenes were all filmed, was demolished in 2014. The school was merged with another high school in the town. Social housing now sits on the site.

The movie is set in the fictional town of Climackston.

One of a late 1970s / early 1980s mini-cycle of films centering around women athletes. The movies include Blue Skies Again (1983) (baseball), Goldengirl (1979) (athletics), The Miracle of Kathy Miller (1981) (athletics), Hockey Night (1984) (ice hockey), Quarterback Princess (1983) (gridiron), Personal Best (1982) (pentathlon), Gregory's Girl (1980) (soccer) and Heart Like a Wheel (1983) (drag racing).

Bill Forsyth approached David Puttnam early on with the chance to distribute the film but he turned it down, thinking it was too much in concept like his previous film, "That Sinking Feeling" (1979). When he saw the finished film he said he regretted the decision; he then teamed up with Forsyth to produce and help distribute "Local Hero" (1983).

From 1985 to 1988, Dee Hepburn appeared in the British soap opera Crossroads (1964), set in a Midlands motel.