Björn H:son Larsson: Hey, you bloody Turk! Get lost, why don't you!

Greek Boatbuyer: 'Turk'? I'm Greek!

Janne: Hey, have you seen? He has bought old wine!

Gustav: [on seeing the boats lying on the dry bed of the canal] Why are they like that? What are they playing at?

Janne: Goodnight... Tomorrow we're gonna drive this boat like *hell*!

Lena: Just a fine way to say your evening prayers!

Björn H:son Larsson: [Grabbing Lena by her tits] Are you getting horny?

Lena: Er... Am I supposed to?

Lena: [Janne has driven the boat onto land and landed on the roof of a car] How are you driving?

Janne: How am I driving? I'll tell you: this is sabotage! This means war, dammit! They've gone and bloody crapped in the blue cupboard! This means war!

Janne: [eating food cooked by Sigurd] Mmmm... this was really good! What is it?

Sigurd: Escargots!

Janne: [to Lena] It's escargots! Delicious.

Janne: [to Sigurd] Escargots, what does that mean?

Sigurd: Snails! They prepared it this way in ancient Rome, on midsummer's eve.

Janne: [puts his plate away] Could I have something to drink, please?

[repeated line]

Sigurd: I've done some calculations on that...