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  • This is the first one of the Israeli/West German "Lemon Popsicle" series that I have seen, but I am familiar with the seminal 80's American teen comedy "The Last American Virgin", which had the same director (Boaz Davidson) and was a virtual re-make of the first film in this series ("Going All the Way"). "The Last American Virgin" also borrows some scenes from this, the third in the series, including the scene where the protagonist "Benji" and his two friends pick up three girls, and while one of his friends gets very lucky with the most attractive one, he is stuck trying to get the bra off the dour, unattractive one. There is also a scene where the same three boys all try to have an ill-fated gang-bang with an older nymphomaniac, but while in "Last American Virgin" it was a Mexican spitfire on the hero's pizza route, here it is the hero's sexy blonde cousin(!) visiting from Poland. Most of this movie, however, involves the protagonist being torn between his loyal but virginal girlfriend "Doris" and the "fast" but unfaithful "Niki", who apparently is the same character that was in the first "Lemon Popsicle" film (and the one played by Diane Franklin in "The Last American Virgin").

    It's ironic that some Americans regard this as a "rip-off" of "Porky's", not only because it obviously preceded "Porky's", but also because, if anything, the influence was in the other direction! Not only was "Last American Virgin" an important influence on later teen sex comedies like "Porky's", but the Jewish writers, directors, and producers of these American films were clearly aware of this Israeli series, even if the non-Jewish American audience of the the time largely was not. Most 80's American teen sex comedies actually have a lot more in common with this series than they do with the 70's American teen sex comedies, including a tendency to be set sometime in the past (usually the 50's and 60's) in order to pull a nostalgic and horny adult audience as well as a merely horny teen one, and a soundtrack filled with popular rock songs (I don't know how they got away with this back then--the music rights alone for a film like this today would be several times the budget).

    Like "Last American Virgin" this is both raunchy and ridiculous, on one hand, but also strangely realistic, especially compared to insipid teen fairy tales like "Sixteen Candles" or "The Breakfast Club" (To my mind, it was the late John Hughes who really ruined these films by making them cloying, patronizing, and relatively sex free). This isn't a great film. The English dubbing is not bad, but dubbing is NEVER an asset, and the jokes tend to miss more than they hit. A lot of the characters are annoying stereotypes (like the horny fat kid), but the lead (Yftach Katzur) is good as are his very Jewish parents. His two girlfriends (Arielle Rabinovich and Oma Dagan) are quite pretty, and his frequently naked female cousin (Sybille Rauch) is very sexy.

    If you like 80's teen comedies, you should definitely check this out, but I would recommend it to anyone regardless,
  • olafjohne25 March 2005
    I've seen this movies long time ago at German ZDF channel. Now I own the English/Russian dubbed version. I think that the third entry of "Eis am Stiel" is JUST COOL ! ! ! I miss that hardcore comedies of all time. Nobody shoot such a movies at the present time .. The score is nice - plenty of 60's tunes (Chuck Berry and Elvis the King) and it match perfectly on plot. Of course we can see Sybille Rauch with her BIG BOOTS too ; ) A couple of years ago I read on Polish newspaper that it's really hard to find "Lemon Popsicle" release on DVD. I don't know if it's true ??? However, this flick contain strong portion of nasty behavior, naked teenage beauties and really funny gigs. But the plot is more complicated - we have summer love story with a broken heart and so on .. If you share the same sense of humor I also recommend you "Lemon Popsicle" part shoot at the Army, and two first parts of PORKY's .. Almost 90 minutes of pure entertainment :) Enjoy it!
  • Another series of embarrassing incidents, (if you're a Popsicle fan, you know who to thank) and funny sexcapades, again make up another winner in this series. An extra hot youngie, Delores, who Benji once had the hots for, but his best friend was doing her, pops back up in his life, where he can't keep his hormones under wraps, or is it love? Dumping his current sweetie who stacks up average against this returning beauty, he soon finds out she's not a one man girl, and doesn't want to be tied down, which of course, paints her off as a you know what. Becoming infatuated over her, our brainwashed Benji, drops all the important things, like the advice of his good friends, Huey and Stevie, to pursue a serious relationship with Delores. The fun really takes off though when Benji's super hot cousin, Inga, a perpetual head turner, comes to visit. At the dinner table, Benji and Pop's eyes eat up Inga, rather than the soup placed in front of them. The way she sips her soup, is as sexy as her, or when she leans over, one ample titty poking out of her cut loose blouse. Too later, on, we have a hot middle aged nympho piano teacher, who likes to be pleasured by young studs, inspired to hit those keys and make beautiful music. She prefers beginners, by the way. A long list of fifties songs, play throughout this Porky's type flick, this one, almost as good. The last love song aptly fits the making up scene of our two cuties in the finale, this couldn't of been done more perfect. Another hit for the Popsicle fans. Popsicle fans won't be disappointed.
  • Rated R for Strong Language and Sexual Content.

    Hot Bubblegum is the third entry in the Isreali Lemon Popsicle series.There are nine films in the entire series.I have seen the first three because they are on youtube.Part of the fourth film is on youtube and the whole film should be up soon.Anyway Hot Bubblegum is not as good as Lemon Popsicle 1 or 2(which was the best one), but it is still a funny 1980's teen sex comedy with a good mix of drama and romance in it.My only problem with this film is Bobby and Benji are always friends even after the events of the first and second film.In those, they always fight and never become friends again, yet in the next sequel, they are best friends as if nothing has happened.Also Nicki from the first film(played by a different actress) returns.Benji and her date and talk as if none of the events of the first film happened.Also in the first film, she seemed like a nice girl, yet in this one she's a b**ch! The film has basically the same story, three friends in the 50's or early 60's keeping up with exams,girlfriends and all the other things that teens go through in high school.If you like teen comedies, then check out the lemon popsicle series.
  • Man, I stayed up all night watching this movie. I don't know... but it might very well now be my favorite of the genre.

    Committing the plot to any review on paper would do the movie a great disservice. For the movie is instead thick on atmosphere: largely relating the sexual adventures - and misadventures - of a group of friends around their seaside neighborhood set to the delightful music of 50s rock 'n 'roll. This is a particularly comical coming of age farce that just runs from one outrageous skit to the other.

    Of course, the dubbing of this German/Israeli production makes the movie even more enjoyable. I'd like to personally thank the original producer for taking such a risk to film such a movie.

    Hot Bubblegum - as it was titled when I saw it - is in the line of "Porky's", "American Pie", "Revenge of the Nerds" ... but it just seems to beat all of them. It's probably a lot more raunchy also! I reckon you'll be just drawn in and if you don't - you bloody well should! It's fun, fun, fun!!!
  • Benz (Yftach Katzur) is back with a new steady girl - Doris (Ariella Rabinovich). Doris isn't providing for his needs, so he goes searching with his two buds, Bobby (Jonathan Sagall) and Hughie (Zachi Noy).

    Nikki (Orna Dagan) is back, and Benz can't wait to get things going again even if he has a girlfriend. Well, he doesn't learn his lesson from the first movie.

    When his momma's cousin Fritzi (Christiane Schmidtmer) arrives from Poland, no one can take their eyes off her, including Benz's father.

    Elvis is added to the soundtrack along with Little Richard, The Shirelles, and many more - 17 songs in this one.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Going in expecting a risqué teen Sex Comedy,I was happily caught by surprise over how well Lemon Popsicle 2 (LP) mixed the raunchy skin flick with sweet teen Drama. Aware of the drastic change in direction of the 4th,I got set for the final "classic era" Popsicle.

    The plot:

    Each getting a steady girlfriend, Benzi finds himself at odds with friends Bobby and Huey,due to their girlfriends being keen to have sex with then,but his avoiding it in any way possible. Whilst accepting offers of sex from anybody who is up for it,Benzi goes to pick a cousin up from the airport,and is shocked to find her incredibly attractive.

    View on the film:

    Getting some major studio backing from MGM for the final LP he would direct,returning co-writer/(along with Ingo Hermes/Eli Tavor and Sam Waynberg) director Boaz Davidson & new cinematographer to the series Amnon Salomon push the playful Sex Comedy mood of the first two for a more rough, gross out edge. Closely following the path set from the script,Davidson offers tantalising shots of skin on show with cheeky side shots,which are sadly soured by a focus on gross set- pieces that ruins the relationships which have been built in LP.

    Keeping the flick in the same era as the others,the screenplay by Davidson/Tavor/ Waynberg and Hermes cut the characters with incredibly course dialogue which feels completely out of place with how the trio have been shown in LP. Along with the dialogue,the writers give the sex scene a rather nasty aggressive atmosphere,which leads to this Popsicle quickly melting.
  • Annabun16 October 2001
    The acting is lousy and (at least in the version I saw) the dubbing is abysmal. This supposed 50s-style teen angst comedy is best viewed really late at night so that the rotten acting and putrid storyline can fight with the pathetic 50s music soundtrack in sending you to sleep.

    Against this, "Porky's" deserved an Oscar.
  • This original classy version was replicated many times but never matched, three Israeli teenagers friends, the slender Benji (Tftach Katzur) the handsome Morno (Jonathan Sagall) and the best of them the fat guy who pay all expenses Yudale (Zachi Noy), they are a real troublemakers, Yudale has a trick to see pant's girls put a mirror attached at his shoes, quite often he ends up in trouble, taking some slaps, then came up the very famous sequence when they bringing three girl to at Benji's house which his parents are supposedly on travel, when the girls were almost nude they sudden appear, the mess is established and worst Yudale made a deal with girl, she should be naked while he will count until hundred at balcony and will get in, but after the confusion the Benji's mother went to the bed, then appears Yudale just wearing an old fashion underpants and going toward on the bed, what a mess, there are funny moments that worth to remember, when a gorgeous blonde and sexy cousin arrives at Benji's house to stays a little time, also the unforgettable sequence at piano's teacher, for beginners is great, for advanced was bad experience!!


    First watch: 1993 / How many: 5 / Source: TV-DVD-R / Rating: 7.75
  • This is most probably the best of the Popsicle films, though they are all class(1-6 movies, the others are not so good). The laughs come thick and fast and the soundtrack reaches its peak. Benji's parents have some great lines in this film and Huey's scene with them is still one of the funniest scenes I've seen in a comedy