Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    A nearly naked woman lies face down in bed, moaning in pleasure as a man (Robert) holds her down and whispers that she shouldn't be so loud or she'll wake the baby. ("The baby", a young woman in the next room, is in fact awakened by the sounds of the moaning.) He caresses her vagina, and she tells him to do the other thing. Robert obligingly tears her panties off and then penetrates both her vagina and anus with his fingers and spanks her.

    Hearing all of this, the young has gotten up out of bed and gone over to look in a mirror, removing the top of her nightgown and caressing her own breasts as she listens and applies red lipstick to first her mouth and then her nipple.

    Robert puts all of his fingers into the woman's vagina. In the other room, the young woman hears her saying that she doesn't want to come yet. She picks up a brush and runs it through her hair, before going over to a full-length mirror and completely removing her nightgown.

    Robert puts his thumb into the woman's vagina, "fisting" her to her obvious pleasure as he continues to tell her to be quiet. The young woman is brushing her pubic hair with the brush while listening. She turns out the lights and heads back to bed.

    The man removes his hand and is then shown to have penetrated the woman and has sex with her for a short interval before ejaculating on her buttocks. He feeds her the ejaculate. After a moment of darkness, they are shown lying in bed as they share a cigarette. She asks if they can do it again, and he wearily suggests another time soon. Turning off the lights, she asks if she was loud, and Robert tells her that she might have woken "the baby" up, and that she might be listening right outside the door.

    The young woman is in bed masturbating with her hairbrush. She apparently achieves orgasm and licks the handle before turning out the light and lying down to sleep ... still wearing her high heeled shoes.

    Later, a faucet is running, pouring water into the drain of a tub while the young woman (Sandy) dries herself and caresses her leg, before she starts to rub her abdomen and breasts while looking into a mirror. She is startled when Robert, also naked, comes into the bathroom, holding a finger to his lips in a "shush" gesture. She stares at him in surprise. He approaches her and begins to kiss and caress her hair and upper back, telling her that they don't want to wake mommy. Sandy tells him that he shouldn't be in here, but he shushes her, telling her that it's all right.

    Turning her around so that she looks in the mirror, Robert proceeds to slide down so that his face is at the level of her buttocks, he tells her to look in the mirror while he kisses her buttocks. She tells him no, but he convinces her to turn around so that she's facing him, and spreads her legs. While Sandy tries to cover her vagina, telling him that she doesn't want him to look, he gets her to reveal it to him. He caresses it, questioning her about whether she's washed it. She claims that she has. He persuades her to show how she did that, using a cloth. After doing so, she continues to try and cover it with her hand, while he tells to take her hand away, eventually convincing her to do so. He begins to lick her vagina, asking her whether she likes it. She claims that doesn't, but Robert continues, before standing up and rubbing his erection against it. She pleads with him to stop, before changing her tune and pleading with him to do it now. Before he can penetrate, however, "mommy" comes in the door and stares at them.

    Later, Sandy is in her room, dressed in lingerie, as she makes a phone call. She muses that her identical twin sister, Denise, was right about Robert ogling them, and her claims that Robert wanted her rather than their mother. She wonders if Denise already knows about what's happened and is waiting for her to come to her. She also wonders if she'll ever see Robert again, as she's about to become a runaway just like her sister.

    Elsewhere, a phone rings as another young woman (Bonnie) bends to pick up a tennis ball, flashing her panties to the man on the other side of the court before smiling at him. She looks at the ringing phone, but dismisses it with a shake of her head. It continues to ring as she serves the ball. Back in her room, Sandy hangs up the phone.

    At the tennis court, the man (Lyle) tells Bonnie that she's not cooperating with him, and starts to say something about how if she wasn't his brother's girlfriend, he'd do something. She interrupts, telling him that while his brother Jimmy is sweet, she has a problem. She's very aroused, and just wants to lie down by the pool and cool off. Lyle agrees, ending the tennis lesson. She proceeds to deliberately drop her racket, giving him another look at her panties.

    Over a shot of a house, Bonnie claims that her analyst has told her she has too much unresolved sexual energy, making her clumsy. While Lyle wants to talk to her about her serve, the phone starts to ring again, and she runs off, telling him that she'll meet him at the pool. Bonnie picks up the phone.

    On the other end, Sandy, who has gotten dressed (all in white) and tarted to pack a suitcase, tells Bonnie who's calling. Bonnie mocks her for thinking that she wouldn't recognize the voice, then claims that she can't talk now as Lyle is there. Sandy asserts that her situation is important, to which Bonnie replies that unless it's life or death, it's not more important than what she has planned. Sandy asks her whether or not Bonnie is her best friend, then tells her that she's coming over to Bonnie's place. Bonnie tells her that she wants at least one hour with Lyle, hanging up while Sandy tries to tell her about what's happened to her.

    At poolside, Bonnie strips off her shorts, while Lyle (sitting nearby) asks her about what she's learning in analysis. Bonnie jumps into the pool wearing just her panties and shirt, which becomes transparent (revealing that she's not wearing a bra), while telling Lyle that her analyst has told her that she should masturbate.

    The scene cuts to a living room, with Lyle seated on a couch while Bonnie lies down on the floor, wearing a short bathrobe and a towel on her head, and offers to show him what she's learned. He hesitates, asks if there's anyone else in the house. She tells him there's no one else around, and that he can have anything he likes. He asks for something cold, and she sits up, asking him if he wouldn't rather have something hot, and gets the rest of the way up.

    The scene cuts to Bonnie seated in a car with the door open with her legs spread, rubbing her exposed vagina, as the radio plays. Lyle stands in front of the door to the house watching. She tells him to get in and drive. He gets in and tells her that he can't do what she wants. Irritatedly, she tells him she gets it, that he should just drive. Abruptly, he changes his mind.

    They go back into the living room and begin kissing. Lyle pulls off Bonnie's bathrobe and pushes her to her knees, exposing his erection. She begins to lick and caress at it, to his excitement. However, Bonnie begins to have second thoughts about this, which Lyle overrules, telling her to perform oral sex on him, which she does. He lies down on the couch and tells her to play with herself while performing on him. He reaches down and begins to rub her vagina, and she begs him not to tease her. Bonnie is lying on the floor as Lyle, crouched between her legs, starts to perform oral sex on her. He then has sex with her in a number of positions before achieving climax.

    Later, Bonnie (in her robe) and Sandy are seated on the couch as Sandy asks Bonnie to help her to get to the train station. Bonnie agrees, but says that she has to take a shower to get Lyle's aftershave off of her. Sandy reflects on what happened with Robert and her mother, and recalls that she wanted Robert; so did Denise, who used to lie awake in her room listening to Robert and her mother having sex. She wonders if Denise is still working for that lady in New York. Sandy hears a car pulling into the driveway in front of Bonnie's house, and goes to look out a window. She sees that her mother (dressed all in black) has followed her there, and heads out the back way, into the woods.

    Later, Sandy is sitting on her suitcase on the side of the road when a van drives past then comes to a stop near her. The driver, a scruffy looking man, gets out and asks her if she needs a lift. She ignores him, but he tells her that he is his way to New York, as he has a show there. She replies that she's going to take a bus. He tells her that this is her lucky day, introduces himself as Harlan, and produces a rose from the air, handing it to her and claiming to be a magician. All this distracts Sandy from the fact that her bus is departing. He repeats his offer to take her to New York, subtly pointing out that if she stays where she is, sooner or later someone will tell her parents where she is so that they can come and get her. That makes Sandy accept his offer. She gets in the van, but realizes that she's forgotten her suitcase. Harlan magically causes the back door of the van to open, and makes the suitcase move to rest in the back of the van.

    In a motel room, a woman is waiting on the bed as Harlan and Sandy arrive. She's introduced as Marie, and agrees that they should take Sandy to New York first thing in the morning. Harlan and Marie embrace, before heading out to get a bite to eat, leaving Sandy alone in the room.

    Later, Sandy has changed into a baby doll nightgown and is braiding her hair when Harlan and Marie return. They sit down on either side of her, and tell her that she can sleep anywhere she wants. Sandy nervously indicates that she'll sleep on the cot in the corner. She gets up and heads over there, bending over to expose her naked bottom to them, before getting between the sheets of the cot. Harlan bids Marie to pour him a drink. Harlan speculates about Sandy's innocence, and then muses that Marie enjoys this sort of thing as much as he does. Marie agrees that she loves to have sex while someone watches. She exposes her breasts, and Harlan, after sucking them for a moment, decides that the time has come to act.

    He gestures in Sandy's direction, and the sheets on her cot magically pull away. Another gesture, and her nightgown is also pulled away, leaving her naked. Moving his hands in the air as Marie pulls his pants open, Harlan causes Sandy to levitate in mid-air above her cot. Harlan stands up and moves his hands over and around Sandy's body to demonstrate that nothing is holding her up. He then carries her over to a chair near the bed.

    Harlan suckles at Marie's breast. In a voiceover (telepathically, perhaps) Harlan tells Marie that he's reaching out for Sandy now, as the girl is in a deep trance. Sandy is also sitting with her legs spread widely and rubbing one of her breasts. Again in a voiceover, Harlan bids Sandy to open her mind and let him in, all the while he performs oral sex on Marie. Sandy masturbates, and, in voiceover, she asks what Harlan is doing; he replies (in the same way) that he wants her to feel everything that they're feeling. Marie performs oral sex on Harlan while he does the same to her, while Sandy indicates that she's feeling pleasure. Harlan has sex with Marie while Sandy masturbates wildly. (Harlan doesn't visibly climax, though both Marie and Sandy apparently orgasm.)

    Later, a still naked Sandy is alone in a hotel room that shows none of the signs of occupancy that were there last night. She searches it for a moment, in confusion.

    Sandy is standing by the side of the road, and catches a lift from a passing motorist. They drive into New York city over the Brooklyn Bridge, and we next see her walking the streets of the city. She comes to a park (Central Park, probably) before sitting down in a field. A woman (Lyla) comes by and offers her some balloons, but releases them before Sandy is ready to take them. They soar off into the air as she watches, and the woman walks away, meets with a man wearing sunglasses, and points Sandy out to him. They then both walk away, leaving Sandy alone. She walks to look at her reflection in a creek.

    Elsewhere, a woman (Rhonda) is taking a shower. A man (Snow) arrives in the bathroom, and wearing a wig, pulls open the shower curtain and fakes a knife attack on Rhonda before handing her a bouquet of flowers and teasing her about how scared she was. Furiously, she drives him out of the bathroom, pelting him with objects as he runs.

    Later, Snow is lying in bed with just his jeans on, going through Rhonda's purse (he casually steals some money) before pulling open his pants, calling out to her to come in as he's got something for her. He turns on the TV. Rhonda, apparently still upset about the whole "fake attack" thing, comes in and picks up a long cigarette, and then goes out again, much to Joe's irritation.

    Rhonda goes into an office, followed by Snow, who begins caressing one of her legs, putting her in a better mood. The camera lingers on a painting that somewhat resembles Sandy. After a kiss, she tells him that a Mr. Prince is in town, looking for something special. She also says that she found an Italian silk he wanted, and that he can take the money to pay for it out of her bag. He tells her that he already has. Amused by this, she taunts him a bit, and he pulls down his pants and begins to caress her as a thunderstorm begins outside.

    In the bedroom, Rhonda is performing oral sex on Snow while the storm rages outside. He flips her around and begins having sex with her while she insults him. He moves her over to the bed and they continue to have sex. After a while, he makes her perform oral sex on him again, before resuming sex. (All this is interspersed with shots of various dolls "watching".) Snow penetrates Rhonda's anus, and proceeds to have anal sex with her until he ejaculates on her thighs. He uses one of the dolls to feed the ejaculate to Rhonda.

    Later, in the office, Rhonda tells Snow that she'll see him later and sends him off with a portfolio for Mr. Prince. He tells her that he's not her errand boy, but goes off with the portfolio, opening the door just as Sandy is about to knock. He mistakes her for Denise and pulls her in, asking her what she's doing here. Rhonda stops him before he can say something about Denise's whereabouts, and says that this must be Sandy. Sandy asks whether her sister is here or not, and Rhonda tells her that Denise is off on a "special assignment" for her. Rhonda shows her the painting, which is apparently of Denise. She tells Snow to apologize to Sandy, and then sends him away. He tries to tell Rhonda something, but she sends him off. Rhonda compliments Sandy on her looks, saying that she can definitely use her in some undefined way, and offers her a glass of brandy.

    Elsewhere, Lyla is painting while wearing a smock that allows her access to her vagina, so that she can also masturbate, which she does. Snow comes to the door and rings the bell, but the woman is too focused on her pleasure to answer it. He repeatedly rigngs the bell, and she finally comes to the door just as he's leaving. He tells her that he's here to see Mr. Prince, but she just stares at him for a while, before telling him that Mr. Prince isn't here. Snow says that he'll come in and wait.

    He does so, and comes over to see what the woman is painting, and we see that it's a picture of an erect penis. Snow reveals that he knows Lyla's name, and claims that everyone knows about her, but that only he has what she needs. Lyla bids him show her, and he takes out his erection. She dabs red paint on the tip of it, and runs it up his shirt to dab it on his lips as well. He kisses her, and then picks her up to carry her over to a couch, where he strips naked and performs oral sex on her. She then does the same to him. After some more oral sex on her, he begins to have sex with her, before ejaculating on her stomach.

    Later, the man we saw with her earlier (obviously Mr. Prince, who is also revealed to be Robert or someone who sure looks like Robert) comes in to find Lyla lying on the couch naked. He stares at her, but without comment, picks up the portfolio and walks away.

    Rhonda has gifted Sandy with a fancy dress, which she describes as her work. She also tells Rhonda that she's absolutely perfect, begins to rub Sandy's back, and says that she's ready The scene dissolves so that Rhonda and Sandy are standing in a dark room while Mr. Prince stands on a balcony above them, looking down. Sandy looks up, realizes who Mr. Prince is, flashes back to a shot of Robert looking up at her, and tells Rhonda to take her hand off her, as she knows what to do. A series of strange images, intercutting shots of Bonnie with shots of a masked woman, follows. Sandy opens her dress to expose her naked body to Mr. Prince.

    Rhonda, now looking very different, comes down the stairs to where Sandy is lying on a bed in her lingerie, and begins to kiss her and lick at her breasts, before performing oral sex on her. Rhonda penetrates both herself and Sandy with a double-headed dildo and has sex with Sandy while Mr. Prince watches, with Sandy expressing her delight in voiceover. Then Rhonda pulls away, despite Sandy's voiced-over pleas. She is left alone, and writhes on the bed, beckoning Mr. Prince to come down to her. Sandy flashes back to peeping on her mother performing oral sex on Robert, and Robert seing her doing so.

    Snow, standing naked before Sandy, comes over to let her perform oral sex on him, and rubs her vagina. But he also walks away, despite her voiced-over pleas to let her continue. Sandy lies on the bed, and an image of Bonnie flashes on the screen again, followed by a shot of Harlan seen through flames, before the image returns to Sandy. A ghostly image appears to rise from her body and walk away from it. On the staircase, Sandy in her more innocent appearance looks down smugly. Mr. Prince has descended from the balcony and stands before Sandy, before coming to sit down on the bed beside her. In voiceover, she calls him Daddy, and sits up to remove his mirrored sunglasses. She reveals that Robert was her first love, and flashes back to an even more innocent period in their relationship, when he gave her her first kiss. Back in the present, he strips off his clothes, and obedient to her voiced-over request, he begins to have sex with her. He ejaculates on her, and fades to black.

    Lyla comes down the stairs carrying a pillow, and brings it over to Sandy and Mr. Prince, who are reclining on the bed. Sandy examines her reflection in it for a moment, and then puts it down between her legs, where it reflects a very different face on the man who's with her. This man is then revealed to be the one who is with her, provoking a voiced-over scream. This person, not Robert, was the one who kissed her, and touched her before pulling away. The innocent Sandy on the stairs smirks down again, and the scene dissolves from a shot of this man.

    The young woman whose activities we have been watching wakes up in bed, tossing and turning. She opens the top drawer beside her bed, and pulls out an envelope. Within is a photograph of the man who gave Sandy her first kiss, with the words "I love you, Daddy" written on it. Also in the envelope is a card, containing a note from Daddy to his daughter, explaining that he can't be with her for reasons that he can't explain. As the letter is read aloud in voice over, the young woman flashes back to this man pulling back her covers to look down at her while she lies in her bed, looking up at him. The letter concludes with the message, "All my love forever, Daddy".

    The young woman is in the bathroom, caressing her breasts, when Robert comes in, naked, and shushes her, saying that they don't want to wake her mother ...