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  • Every major city has at least one film that defines its character. LA has Repo Man, New York has After Hours. Chicago has Grosse Pointe Blank (or at least Grosse Pointe has its movie).

    And Venice has Nudo di Donna.

    Our hero thinks he knows Venice better than his native Rome, but, as his midlife crisis hits him hard, he begins to find out otherwise. He thinks he knows his wife...he thinks he knows himself, but he's beginning to realize he doesn't know much.

    It's Carnival and folks are running around costumed and, like all men pushing 40 from the wrong side, he falls for an "other" woman. She's like his wife, but she's younger, more vivacious, more, well, fun, frankly. But he doesn't know her name and she won't take off her mask until he chooses between her and...

    It occurs to him that his wife must be fooling around on him--she doesn't seem to be around when she's supposed to be anymore (hey: she's pushing 40 from the wrong side, too). He tries to follow her around, but he can't seem to keep up w/her over-the-rooftop shortcuts.

    The one thing he does notice is that his wife always seems to be around within minutes after his not-quite-mistress disappears--or vice-versa. And he begins to think that... maybe... no, couldn't be...

    Watching this movie will make you want to return to Venice (and if you haven't been, you'll think you have).

    Much better subtitled.
  • I loved the scenery in the film. The acting was mediocre. It was one of those movies that confuses you. I did not get what was going on from the beginning till the end of the movie. Every time I saw a blonde woman, I thought there was a new character, but it was just that Elanora woman. She looks quite different at different angles. At times, I thought she was Beatrice. Beatrice had a small role, but she acted very well. I liked her in the other films she had done. If you like a movie that will throw you off at times, but is somewhat enjoyable, Nudo di donna fits you. I give it a 7 out of 10.