Georgia: Let me sleep on the sofa. I love sleeping on the sofa. Beds are too big when you're alone.

Georgia: Say it like it's on the Merv Griffin show dummy!

Bartender: What's the problem?

Georgia: Do you see cigarettes? That's the problem.

Bartender: How much money did you put in?

Georgia: Twelve dollar like it says.

Georgia: Ya hadda look gorgeous today, right?

Jimmy: You're a lousy liar!

Jimmy: I am a wonderful liar! I'm only lousy when I lie to you!

Jimmy: I saw him last week at Joe Allen's. He look thin, drawn tired...

Georgia: You're lying!

Jimmy: Alright he looked gorgeous. Who cares? the man can't write his name. I've got to go.

Georgia: Was he alone?

Jimmy: He was at a big table I don't know who was with who.

Georgia: she was that pretty, huh?

Jimmy: What am I, a police reporter? She was a female Caucasian that's the best I can do. I've got to pick up that script, I'll call you later.

Georgia: I love you. Why don't we smarten up and marry each other?

Jimmy: Because you're an alcoholic and I'm gay. We'd have trouble getting our kids into a good school.

Georgia: What is that crap you're putting on your face?

Toby: It is from Vienna. It is ninety dollars a tube, do you notice you never see a pore on my face.

Georgia: I've never even seen your face. Who are you, anyway?

Toby: [looking at Jimmy]

Georgia: Who is she? Do you know who she is?

Toby: They take it away form you soon enough. Hold onto it while you can.

Toby: [as kids beat on her car] God damn them! Why do you live in this neighborhood? Why don't you move?

Georgia: Because, it only costs me $300 a month. It's a sublet from Mary Todd Lincoln.

Jimmy: O, God! I want to be a star so bad! I don't mean a little star, I want to be a big star! With three agents, and a business manager, and a press agent. And then I would fire all of them and I would hire new ones because I am such a big star! And I would make everyone pay for the 22 years I have poured into this business. I wouldn't do benefits, I wouldn't give money to charity, I would become one of the great shit heels of all time! Isn't that a wonderful dream, Georgia?

Polly: Who redid my room?

Jimmy: She hates it, I can tell.

Polly: It's a little Brady Bunch, but I can work with it.

Jimmy: The room is wonderful! Get rid of the kid!