Anna: I can't exist by myself because I'm afraid of myself, because I'm the maker of my own evil.

Heinrich: There is nothing to fear except God, whatever that means to you.

Mark: For me, God is a disease.

Heinrich: That's why through a disease we can reach God.

Helen: There is nothing in common among women except menstruation.

Anna: Because you say "I" for me.

Mark: You look ugly. You've hardened. For the first time, you look vulgar to me.

Panel member: Does our subject still wear pink socks?

Anna: Goodness is only some kind of reflection upon evil. That's all it is.

Anna: [to Zimmermann, about the creature] He's very tired. He made love to me all night.

Mark: When I was a boy my dog crawled out onto the porch to die. Before the end it yelped, as if it had seen something real.

Subway Drunk: [steals a Banana]

Anna: What I miscarried there was sister Faith, and what was left is sister Chance. So I had to take care of my faith to protect it.

Bob: Don't open! Don't open! Don't open! Don't open! Please don't open! Don't open it! Don't open! Don't open it! Don't open!

Mark: Do you want me to break down the bloody door?

Heinrich: You don't have to it's open.

Helen: We are all the same. Different words, different bodies, different versions. Like insects! Meat!

[stabs Heinrich]

Anna: Almost.

Heinrich: If you had only seen what I saw!

Mark: If I lay at your feet and yelped like a dog would you still step over me?

Anna: Yes.

Mark: I met a man who loved everything, and he died in a flood of shit.

Mark: [looking around Heinrich's Library] So this is how you've been controlling her.

Anna: Maybe this is something all couples go through.

Mark: You know what this is for? All the lies!

Anna: Then you would have to add more.

Bob: Nee-naw! Nee-naw!

Heinrich: [strange yogic fight moves]

Mark: Love isn't something you can just switch from channel to channel.

Anna: No one is good or bad, but if you want, I'm the bad one. And if I knew he existed in this world, I would have never had Bob with you!

Anna: Do you believe in God?

Mark: God.

Anna: It's in me.

Mark: If you want to stay, make that call.

Mark: You know, when I'm away from you, I think of you as a monster or a woman possessed, and then I see you again and all this disappears.

Mark: The bar on the corner? I know it. Bleed for a while. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Mark: I have become wise, and solemn, and good.

Mark: Maybe what you saw was God, and you didn't know it.

Anna: [looks up at the Crucifix, starts to cry]

Man with pink socks: We can't be boys forever. Why do we have to prove it?

Anna: [introducing Mark to his Doppleganger] It's finished! I wanted you to see.

Postcard: [Taj Mahal] I have seen half of God's face out here, the other half is you.

Doppleganger: Too hard to live with, brother.

Graffiti: [German] The Wall must go!

Doppleganger: Don't you want to finish it?

Korean Subtitles: Hi there! Want a flash end?

Mark: I could take him to the zoo.

Anna: [Flinches]

Mark: Get out! Get out!

[trashes Café Einstein like a one man hurricane]

Mark: Don't make me force you.

Anna: I'll throw myself out the window!

Mark: You need it that much?

Mark: I advise you to hire my successor.

Border Guard: [raises binoculars]

Mark: [to Anna] You're my whole family.

Helen: Will you promise me something?

Mark: Yes.

Helen: Whatever it is.

Mark: I promise.

Anna: You think I'm immoral, say it! I think so too, but for different reasons.

Mark: [to Heinrich] You believe in God, don't you? That God you try to get to through fucking or dope.

Dance student: [holds a pose until the cramp is unbearable]

Heinrich: This is a joke!

Heinrich's mother: I've always wondered what is worse: to take another man's wife, to hurt a child, or to kill.

Mark: Anna, it's me!

Anna: Don't you understand you disgust me now?

Mark: I've decided I don't want to see Bob. He's fucked up enough as it is without me playing Sunday Daddy.