Debut theatrical feature film of Andrew "Dice" Clay, who was billed simply as just "Andrew Clay".

Shot in the spring of 1981.

Andrew Dice Clay came up with the song "Schlongini Shuffle" to introduce his character Tony Schlongini.

This film was screened for Universal, who turned down an offer to distribute this movie in theaters.

One of several slasher movie spoofs released during the early 1980s that parodied the current cycle of films in that genre. The others being Pandemonium (1982), Student Bodies (1981), Class Reunion (1982), and Saturday the 14th (1981).

$260,000 dollars of the $600,000 dollar budget was spent on paying the salaries for the big names in the cast.

Filmed over the course of 25 days.

Director Greydon Clark plays the Lawnmower Killer in the opening scene.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus auditioned for the role of Mary Graves.

James Spader auditioned for the role of Norman Bates.

The high school used in this film only allowed shooting to be done after all classes were completed.

According to director Graydon Clark's audio commentary track on the Blu Ray, production on Wacko officially started on the morning of April 30th, 1981.

According to director Graydon Clark's audio commentary on the Blu Ray, the screenplay came about as he decided to purchase an existing horror film spoof screenplay. He then paid over $15,000 to screen writer friends to add in more gags & to re-structure the screenplay over a matter of days.

The famous theme tune from Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955) is frequently excerpted, either hummed or played, throughout the movie.

As painted on a large banner, the game played at the Alfred Hitchcock High School was between Hitchcock's BIRDS and de Palma's KNIVES.

Co-Writer Dana Olsen described this movie as "a cult hit in Norfolk".

The name of the educational institution was the "Alfred Hitchcock High School".

The movie has been considered a precursor to "Scary Movie". One DVD release for this movie connects with this by having a blurb that reads, "This MOVIE is rated SCARY", with the two words "Scary" and "Movie" positioned underneath each other (in the reverse of a "Scary Movie") in a font type all evoking the type of title logos for of the "Scary Movie" films.

George Kennedy had a joke character name, Mr. Doctor Graves, where the "Doctor" was not a title, but a first name. In the film's story, Mrs. Graves discovers this, but only after thirty years of marriage.

Spoofing Halloween (1978) and Prom Night (1980), this film's storyline puts the two events on the same night, with the name of the occasion in the movie being known as "The Halloween Pumpkin Prom".

The movie was notable for having a maniac murderer character who was pumpkin-headed by wearing a masked pumpkin, and was nicknamed "The Lawnmower Killer".

Star Billing: Joe Don Baker (first), Stella Stevens (second), and George Kennedy (third).

The movie featured characters with the same names of various characters from other horror movies such as Damien (as in Damien Thorn from "The Omen" ), Dr. Moreau (as in "The Island of Dr. Moreau"), and Norman Bates (as in "Psycho" ).

Debut produced screenplay in a fictional feature film for three of the film's four writers, they being Dana Olsen, Michael Spound, and David Greenwalt.

The amount of time since the Graves' daughter had been killed by the pumpkin-headed lawnmower killer was thirteen years.

The amount of time since the Graves' daughter had been killed by the pumpkin-headed lawnmower killer was thirteen years, a number associated with evil and bad luck.

The movie was released in the same year as Young Doctors in Love (1982). Wacko (1982) had an alternate title of "Crazy Doctor in Love".