• cosmogirly29 April 2008
    I love this show. I don't think the previous reviewer had actually watched it. Boatyard owner Jack falls for showgirl Dixie who is much younger than himself. Jack (Nigel Davenport) has been a widower for years.

    He surprises his 2 sons Les and Billy with a new wife.

    Most of the show is about how Dixie copes with the 2 boys who are unhappy with a much younger step mum. The boys have a hard time coping with a woman replacing their mother.

    Over time they each come to like Dixie while the other one still dislikes her. They each find something comforting about her and unfortunately attractive too.

    One of the funniest episodes was when Dixie was allowed to decorate a room in the house. Her taste was garish.

    Tho the series didn't last too long it was quite enjoyable. You can definitely feel the 80's all the way thru.

    I can remember watching this on a Monday night in the early 80's and thoroughly enjoying it.

    If you'd like a flashback of nostalgia then this is the show for you.
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  • That's how I feel, whenever I remember this awful series about a small yacht building company owned and run by Nigel Davenport and his daughter, played by shrieky voiced Sheila White (where is she now?). David Janson, who was in the excellent 'Get Some In', stars as Davenport's twitchy son in law, who always puts a foot wrong.

    What possessed a fine actor such as Davenport to film this trash is beyond even me...Then again, he did make that awful Harrison Ford flick 'Hanover Street'.
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