Harry: [to Mike and Laura] I like you two. You're odd.

Laura Dalton: [Mike stares at Laura's pajamas] I have a nightie, but it's in the wash.

Mike Selway: No, no, they're fine. I think they're very, uh, very dinky.

Laura Dalton: Dinky?

Mike Selway: It's not my day for words, is it?

Laura Dalton: Oh, Mike, it doesn't matter.

Mike Selway: Well it does, because just for once I'd like to say something that was right.

Laura Dalton: Why?

Mike Selway: Because you'd like me to.

Laura Dalton: Look, if you can get by without the sheer black nightie, I can get by without the words.

[They kiss]

Laura Dalton: Nobody got hurt.

Mike Selway: [Laughing nervously] No.

Mike Selway: You've been crying.

Laura Dalton: No, I have not.

Mike Selway: What's that water running down your face?

Laura Dalton: I'm leaking.

Helen Barker: [about Mike] He does wine-and-dine you sometimes, doesn't he?

Laura Dalton: Oh, yes. Well, not exactly wine-and-dine me as lager-and-hamburger me.

Mike Selway: You look younger since you've been sick.

Laura Dalton: Perhaps that's the answer - vomit your wrinkles away.