Crazy Credits (6)

The closing credits of each episode would be shown with the cast pretending to "freeze frame" as the credits roll - but coffee being poured would overflow a cup onto a character's shoes, or Norberg would enter the scene not knowing to stand still.

Rex Hamilton appeared in the opening credits portraying Abraham Lincoln but he never appeared in any of the episodes.

The opening credits format, with the announcer intoning "'Police Squad!', in color!" and on-screen act numbers after commercial breaks(Act I, Act II, etc.) was a parody of Quinn Martin Productions' crime dramas which had a similar format.

The opening credits always has a guest star who immediately gets killed off in some silly way.

The announcer's episode title and the title shown on screen never matched.

The closing credits of each episode included the narrator inviting viewers to "tune in next week for another exciting adventure". The only episode not to feature this voiceover was the final episode.