Writer Glenn Gordon Caron left this series to create Moonlighting (1985), another series about a pair of bickering detectives.

Laura once told Steele that she named him after "A typewriter and a football team."

Originally, the character of Remington Steele was supposed to be a figurehead, comic relief to be used in support of Stephanie Zimbalist. Brosnan became so popular, that his part became more significant.

Robert Butler originally pitched the show to MTM as detective Laura Holt running a detective agency belonging to a male superior, whom she invented for business purposes. MTM put Butler in contact with Michael Gleason, who suggested the chaos that would ensue if the invented superior turned up one day, and the character of Remington Steele was created.

The surprise renewal of the series for 1986-87 cost Stephanie Zimbalist a role in RoboCop (1987).

Steele's ex-lover Felicia was played by Pierce Brosnan's first wife, Cassandra Harris.

At the beginning of each episode, the episode title was displayed. All episode titles featured the word Steele: "Molten Steele", "Small Town Steele" and so on.

During the run of the series, Pierce Brosnan was not only touted as the next James Bond, but he was also mentioned in published reports as being considered to star in a theatrical version of The Saint (1962). This project never materialized.

Steele was a serious Humphrey Bogart fan. He has five passports from five countries in five different names, all of which are characters played by Bogart.

The title character was a movie aficionado. He would try (sometimes successfully) to solve the crimes based on old movies plots.

Director Chris Columbus is a big James Bond fan, and he was crushed when Pierce Brosnan didn't get cast when he was offered the part during the making of this show, but they wouldn't release him from his contract. Columbus thought Brosnan a phenomenal actor. When they worked together on Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), Columbus told Brosnan he'd make a great James Bond, but Brosnan thought that ship had sailed. In 1995, MGM called Columbus telling him they're looking for the next James Bond, and Brosnan was one of the choices, so Columbus recommended him; his little contribution to the James Bond saga.

Remington Steele has film posters hanging on his apartment walls of Casablanca, Notorious, The Thin Man and from Season 2 on Hotel Imperial.

The five fake passports in Remington Steele's possession are: Douglas Quintain, England (from Stand-In 1937), Michael O'Leary, Ireland (from Dark Victory 1939), John Murell, France (from Virginia City 1940), Paul Fabrini, Italy (from They Drive By Night 1940) and Richard Blaine, Australia (from Casablanca 1942). Of course, since Mr. Steele is a movie buff, these are all characters that Humphrey Bogart played in the aforementioned films.

Anthony Andrews was the first choice to play Remington Steele but he turned it down.

Recurring character "Daniel Chalmers" was a con man, who mentored a man he called "Harry" in the art of the con. 'Harry' eventually became Remington Steele. In the final episode, Chalmers confessed to Steele thay they were father and son. Tragically, Chalmers died of heart failure before he could answer Steele's eternal question, "I've always wondered, Daniel, what's my real name?"

In season one, episode fourteen, "Hearts of Steele", Steele attempts to solve a case by referencing The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) starring Steve McQueen. Pierce Brosnan starred in the 1999 remake of the movie.