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  • Dan Haggerty returned to his signature role after the premature cancellation of the TV series, as James Capen Adams is captured after returning to his old town to see his daughter Peg(played by Sidney Penny) when he learns that her guardian, his sister Cora had died. His bear Ben pops in and out of the film, trying to evade hunters led by Frank Briggs(played by Chuck Conners) who knows more about the murder Adams was accused of than anybody realizes... Surprisingly good reunion film "captures" the feel of the TV series well, though the absence of both series regulars Mad Jack(Denver Pyle) and Nacoma(played by Don Shanks) is unfortunate(Keenan Wynn plays another trapper friend called Bert Woolman) Despite this, a satisfying end to the saga(even if it does ignore the outcome of the original 1974 film!)
  • cagedeagle26 February 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    Damn... 1982! it's been 28 years now since this came out and honestly I really can't remember the movie itself! However, I was a big fan back in the day! Recently I got the chance once again to see the 1974 Pilot episode from the Grizzly Adams T.V Series and it addressed most of the issues posed in this movie... including how he was cleared of the Murder charges against him! That's Hollywood for you, but if you get the chance, then watch the Pilot Episode again! Either way, I would have to give a thumbs up to this movie..Especially if you happen to be a Grizzly Adams fan, or a Dan Haggerty fan. It's love of nature at its best! Hopefully, we will see it released on DVD soon along with the complete series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This made-for-TV movie was made as a conclusion to the Grizzly Adams saga, which started several years earlier in the theatrical movie "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams" and subsequently continued (briefly) in a TV series of the same name. I haven't seen the theatrical movie or the TV series, but this made-for-TV movie (made by the same hands) suggests I'm not missing anything. Except for a somewhat impressive tornado sequence that makes a lot of destruction, this movie looks very cheap and threadbare, even in the scenes taking place in the wilderness. The script is aimed at children who are not very smart, with a number of scenes that ring wrong, from a courtroom scene that doesn't seem to be following the rules of court very well to Adams recovering in just a few hours from a serious gunshot to his leg. Dan Haggerty is warm and likable as always, and Keenan Wynn adds some spark to his (limited) role, though Chuck Connors overacts to such a degree that it's hard to believe anyone would follow his character. It's easy to see why this movie has fallen into obscurity.