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  • 123po29 March 2001
    The Lucky Stars movies are pretty stupid in my opinion, but this one is actually pretty funny. With the fights and action in this one I can't complain - I liked the film and was well entertained... I gave it 9/10. One of the best Sammo films. Do also watch: Warriors Two, Paper Marriage, Odd couple and Magnificent Butcher
  • Look, Hong Kong comedy can be really, really weird and awkward and hokey. In a way I've had to get used to it for the movies I watch, but in this movie it's so well done that this might be the funniest HK movie I've ever seen. It's a Sammo Hung movie all the way (star and director) and he never disappoints. This is easily one of his best movies. It's also fitting this features Richard Ng, possibly the funniest actor I've ever seen in an HK movie. This is more than a comedy though. The action is truly A-level and will not disappoint. Some really great stuff that I haven't seen before. Just as an example, for both the comedy and the action, loved the entire nightclub sequence early in the movie.