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  • dreams dont die is one of the best graffiti movies with a story behind it unlike other graffiti movies .. takes place in 1982. all the art work was done by the legendary dondi... its hard to get this movie since it was a made for tv movie.
  • MarkD-1924 April 2003
    Hello to anyone reading this!

    I first saw this movie on TV when it aired in 1982. I loved it, and the story has stayed with me all these years.

    I've been desperately looking for a copy of the film. If you can send me a copy of "Dreams Don't Die," please please please e-mail me and let me know. I'll gladly reimburse you financially in exchange for a copy of the movie, even a poorly dubbed copy!

    Thanks, Mark
  • Dreams Don't Die, was a CLASSIC film for Ike Eisenmann. It told of youth, and it hinted at his OWN personal beliefs RE: Drug Use. Quote.. "Naw I don't use that stuff, drugs are for losers". I think it's VERY cool that Iake (as he spells his name now) and his lovely wife Alex, made a GREAT short film called "Single Family Dwelling" that won a "Partnership for a drug free america award" at The Palm Springs Intl. Film Fest. Iake is a GREAT producer/ director, yet I feel he's even better in front of the camera, Bring back the dream's Ike....afterall, this IS the "Land Of Suprises"....-Ethan Esq.
  • Yes, I remember this movie when it aired on television, can't remember what station, in San Francisco. I am a San Franciscan and grew up and went to school in the Mission District in the early, mid, and late 70s and to see this strange thing of a young kid, close to my age, doing this weird act of spray painting on the side of a train did not reflect what was happening in the bay area. This is the days before the media hit everybody else onthe head with the concept of graffiti and related arts. I enjoyed, nevertheless, because I could see that the young person the actor( I recongized from the Disney films, 'Escape from witch mountain and its enjoyable sequel) was portraying was earnest, although I could not understand the earnestness in regards to doing this thing on the train. And being from the bay area, there was no kid doing this. NONE. Which, as an aside, I do not look to artists from the bay area, with too much admiration. This film, as a parting commentary, I enjoyed very much and remember fondly from the days when I was a younger age. I would like to have a copy of my own for this reason. Thank you.
  • worm555918 February 2020
    Scrolling through PlutoTV & found this on the 80's rewind channel. It had guy from Escape from & Return to Witch mountain so I figured I'd give it a shot. Very well done all the way around, great casting, dialogue, locations, & storytelling. I highly recommend this to anyone.
  • GSGambrell19 December 2017
    I have seen this in 1991 when my Mom recorded it with her VCR, as well as YouTube. This is a great movie.