• WARNING: Spoilers

    In a small Connecticut town Heather (Lesley Donaldson) goes to visit her grandmother's bed-and-breakfast country inn. Run by grandmother Maude Chalmers (Kay Hawtry) the inn has some appeal for the guests staying there, but Heather hears spooky noises coming from the cellar at night and when she tries to investigate she is rebuked either by Maude or by her strange cerebrally-challenged grounds keeper. With local boy friend Rick Yates (Dean Garbett) accompanying her, Heather investigates further and discovers that several "guests" of the inn have mysteriously disappeared or been violently killed, and the local deputy, Rick's brother, Joe Yates (Alf Humphreys) begins investigating as well. When they finally gain access to the cellar their discovery may be fatal to their curiosity.