Alternate Versions (2)

  • Aired in 2001 on the "GoodLife TV Network," owned at the time by the Unification Church, in a version derived from the original premiere cut containing all of the David Janssen/Rex Reed scenes. This version removes profanity by silencing the soundtrack but apparently makes no actual cuts for violence or other content, and runs 138 minutes. This version has been the source of several bootlegs since its airing.
  • When the film was first released for a special one-night-only premiere in Washington D.C. in May 1981, running at 140 minutes, it was almost booed off the screen which resulted in its nationwide release being canceled. A heavily edited version was released nationwide in August 1982 running at 105 minutes in which many scenes involving talky subplots were deleted, including all of David Janssen's scenes.