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  • This is a fictionalized version of the alleged "murder" of Pope John Paul I, which the author has mixed with a totally implausible story of an idealistic young priest who goes to India and Nepal and becomes an ecclesiastical Fascist. There's a seductive female terrorist too. It's hard to take this farrago of nonsense seriously, except that Terence Stamp is dignified as the Pope and everyone else, especially the young priest, is dreadful. The English dubbing is appalling: it sounds like low grade amateur theatricals. Naturally it's sad that the writer/director is dead, but this is very poor.
  • I don't know about the "alleged" murder of a pontiff, but this was an ingriguing story. The young priest who comes back from India a changed man, somewhat mirrors Terence Stamp's own experience in the ashrams of India during the 1970s. Although Stamp had no malice in mind upon his return. The scenery in India was brief but striking, and obviously his experiences there impressionable to the extreme. It's as though the young priest and the pontiff exchanged realities: liberal vs. conservative; conservative vs. liberal. At any rate I was not disappointed in the film. I wasn't aware of any horrendous dubbing as another reviewer suggested. Certainly Terence Stamp was the highlight of this film -the ever subtle, yet commanding presence of Stamp continues to delight this fan!!!