Quotes (6)

Rex: When we get together, we have a bomb. Then we set it off.

Rex: [angry] Are you gonna stick a poison suppository up my ass while I'm fuckin' you?

Rex: I like you. You're thin and you've got big tits.

Nixie: You wanna feel one?

Rex: [feeling her breast] I like you, you're quiet.

Empty Fox: [after smoking a "friendship pipe"] Now I am connected to you, you are connected to me and we are connected to this place. The rest is postcards!

Rex: [while eating tongue] That tongue smells tasty, babes. Can I have the shulm?

Nixie: You can't have the shulm. It's not good for you.

Rex: Hey, fuck off! I want the goddamn shulm!

[repeated lines]

Rex: Everything comes together... everything falls apart.

Nixie: Don't fall.