Allie: [reading from a book] She has dropped a roll of paper from her breast. A stranger picks it up, shuts himself in his room all night, and reads the manuscript, which contains the following: When she ventured out with her silk net, on the end of a russ, chasing the wild, free hummingbird. Send me one and I, in return, will wreath a garland of violets, mint, and geraniums. I was not present at the event of which my daughter's death was the result. If I had been, I would have defended that angel at the cost of my blood. Maldoror was passing with his bulldog. He sees a young girl sleeping in the shade of a plain tree. At first he took her for a rose. It is impossible to say which came first to his mind - the sight of this young girl or the resolution which followed. He undresses rapidly like a man who knows what he is going to do. He opens the angular claws of the steel hydra; and armed with a scalpel of the same kind, seeing that the green of the grass had not yet disappeared beneath all the blood which had been shed, he prepares, without planning, to dig his knife courageously into the unfortunate child. Widened hole, he pulls out one after one... corpses sleep again in the shade. Pig-snouted brutishness covered him with its protective wings and cast loving glances at him.

Allie: Some people, you know, they - they can distract themselves with ambitions and motivation to work, you know, but not me... They think people like myself are crazy, you know. Everyone does because of the way I live, you know.

Leila: Where have you been? I haven't seen you since Thursday.

Allie: Walking, just walking around. I can't seem to sleep at night, not in this city.

Leila: Doesn't seem like you sleep at all.

Allie: Well, I have my dreams while I'm awake.