• WARNING: Spoilers

    Film school dropout jim jarmusch's 1st Film widely ignored in the US but noticed in the Europe. a completely new independent style of film making unlike other American films . A youth in his 20's ,Aloysius Parker(played by Christopher Parker),unemployed, lazy searching for answers for "meaning of life". particularly interested in nothing . A broken family background of missing dad, institutionalized mother and a broken relationship with his girlfriend. Turns to be philosophical ,roams around dirty & less crowded urban New york city searching for answers about life and meets very eccentric people . He first visit's his mother in the institution, a shady, dusty, unsettling place ,then as he drifts around the city he meets a war veteran who sometimes thinks he's still at war ,then at night he meets a saxophone player who plays uninteresting musical notes ,then a unwelcoming lunatic latin girl ,then at a theatre he meets a popcorn girl who is Ensnared about Eskimos and at the same place he meets a severe jazz fan. Finally he accidentally encounters a young lady with a Ford mustang (vintage) which he steals away at that very instance and sells the stolen car at the very night. at dawn he packs his suitcase with passport and cloths ,decides to go away and boards a ship to depart from new york leaving his girl behind.

    He starts to think of himself ,his life .(realizes that he is a youth with no bank balance, no insurance, no relations, no home ,no house,no job,no skill and nothing) ....... just drifting in the wind from place to place like a gypsy... aimlessly ! still searching for answers ...... we see we going away from new york. end