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  • Another great production from that era. It stars one of the all-time greats, Veronica Hart, who was probably the best actress to appear in adult films and no slouch when it came to the sex, either. In this movie she plays a liberated woman determined to enjoy her life and her sexuality on her own terms. Veronica was one of a handful of stars in those years who was always classy no matter what she was doing. So was co-star Candida Royale, seen here before she got behind the camera. Tiffany Clark was also a pretty and worthy performer. Plus there's Merle Michaels, one of the great unsung heroines of erotica. Her performances were just about always outstanding and she often outshone bigger names starring with her.

    Roberta Findlay could usually be counted on to deliver a high quality film. About the only negative for me was Bobby Astyr, one of the few men in adult films who rubbed me the wrong way.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Now here's a Golden Age adult movie I really wanted to like a whole lot more than I did. It was made by Roberta Findlay who, along with Ann Perry (SWEET SAVAGE) and Joanne Williams (LITTLE GIRLS BLUE), made up the triumvirate of female porno filmmakers of note of that era. With a solid background in sexploitation (the notorious FLESH trilogy she instigated with her late husband Michael) and cheesy horror (BLOOD SISTERS), she proved the most prolific of the lot, also frequently on hand to shoot other people's stuff such as Chuck Vincent's artsy VISIONS under the "Anna Riva" pseudonym. A couple of her flicks have become carnal classics over time, like the darkly ironic ANGEL NUMBER 9 with Darby Lloyd Rains as the female incarnation/punishment of vile womanizer Alan Marlow and the naughty noir THE TIFFANY MINX with underrated Crystal Sync in a career performance as the imperiled heiress. Those films combined cleverly thought-out story lines with the kind of sex scenes that put up a pup tent in your pants while still revealing that much-ballyhooed "feminine touch", meaning mostly that the characters interacted like proper human beings during intercourse with complicit communication and even occasional bouts of laughter. Even Findlay's lesser works, to which category THE PLAYGIRL unfortunately belongs, tend to have their moments. Back in the early '80s, when this flick initially hit theaters, it was heavily pushed towards the female contingent of the adult viewing audience as being "their kind of film", i.e. porn made by a woman about a strong and assertive woman. Several publications at the time praised it through the roof (Screw selected it as the best movie of 1982), cementing its reputation until Candida Royalle – who has a tiny bit part here – showed the industry how to do this whole chick f*ck flick thing right.

    Luscious Laura (legendary Veronica Hart in an uncharacteristically hesitant performance), pampered spouse to publishing tycoon Carl Bond (stalwart Ashley Moore), has more time and money on her hands than she knows what to do with. A self-proclaimed patron to the arts, her MO consists of "discovering" fresh, new talent in whatever artistic field as long as the possessor of said talent is male, young and in desperate need of the type of nurturing Laura's checkbook and genitalia can provide. Long-suffering Paula (a scene-stealing turn from the always watchable Samantha Fox), a lowly secretary at Bond's editing firm, sums it up best when she describes her as being "a rich bitch with a Pygmalion complex". These words of wisdom are spoken to her smitten co-worker David Fuller (character actor supreme Robert Bolla), a proof reader with dreams of penning the Great American Novel as a means of making it to Laura's bedroom. Naturally, he doesn't listen. As Laura's breaking hearts left, right and center, Dave slips her the manuscript. Assuming she has stumbled upon the next Hemingway, the lady makes her move, preparing him for her special brand of "love with all the trimmings" (thanks to Babs Streisand for this obscure ON A CLEAR DAY reference) by offering his services to fellow sex-starved society sirens such as Merle Michaels and Tiffany Clark. With all this exhausting game-playing going on, true love would surely come as a major inconvenience, but that is just what happens when Laura realizes she feels more for Dave than she thought herself capable of, leading to a showdown over after dinner drinks (how sophisticated !) with cuckolded Carl.

    As far as I'm concerned, this movie shoots itself in the foot right away by placing its focus on such an unlikable, self-centered character as Laura. Findlay probably believed she was presenting us with an independent woman who made her own choices without apologizing to anyone. Instead, we get a spoiled brat sponging of her wealthy husband and making a mockery out of the feelings of men foolish enough to fall for her. Even the usually dependable Hart, though an actress of innate warmth (just check out Gary Graver's AMANDA BY NIGHT or Chuck Vincent's ROOMMATES if you want to catch her at her best), can inject little sympathy into this shallow, inconsistently written part. Ironically then, for such a female-oriented project, that the best moments all belong to the David Fuller character as portrayed by the brilliant Bolla, right up to the sly comeuppance provided by the film's final line. Sexually, he was always a good match for Hart – with many pairings proving the point – so their ultimate coupling here actually supplies something of a climax. A good thing too, since the rest of the sex remains disparagingly lukewarm, a really hot number with Bolla and the frequently underestimated Merle Michaels (Linda Vale's hilariously dim daughter in Ron Sullivan's first-rate A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND) notwithstanding. For the sake of identification, the late Bobby Astyr is seriously miscast as ridiculous rock star Nick Ray, crossover gay porn superstar George Payne (Francis Ellie's KISS TODAY GOODBYE) plays painter Victor and an overly made-up Sharon Kane is his alcohol-fueled one night stand. The latter scene throws up the kind of corner-cutting detail that drives me up the wall, especially in a movie that otherwise wears its budget on its sleeve in terms of lighting, photography, etc. Prior to getting down with Sharon, George takes the picture he made of Laura (a poorly painted by numbers replica of Hart's publicity shot for AMANDA by the way) down from the wall, revealing it to be stuck to a piece of cardboard, and re-attach-es it face down by putting a pin right through it ! What kind of cheap-jack gallery is this anyway ?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I wanted to learn more about Veronica Hart, whom I had seen in a dopey 80s comedy called "Sex Appeal". I discovered "The Playgirl" on Kazaa and though it has a theatrical running time and a big cast, it's a porno! And one of the most hilarious "movies" you gotta see. It starts off incoherently as Hart arrives in a fancy car, dressed to the nines. She quickly changes into a t-shirt and shorts with a friend, who is to aid her in making sure a young man isn't gay. He apparently went to an all boy's school so his father is worried. So Hart and the other girl retrieve him from a hot tub where he's "being prepared" (which consists of him sitting in the water??). Huge laughs begin when the shy kid snatches for a towel so his member can't be seen. But the one girl just has to examine his thing, prompting one of the funniest facial reactions I've ever seen. The "kid", maybe 18, widens his eyes, which dart around, conveying embarrassment. The two girls sit him on a mat, where he deliberately juts his hips up so his pole is in clear view. He's then rubbed with oil and begins sex with one girl. Hart then asks to have a shot at his (whistles) before it "wilts". Upon the start of oral sex, the actor, whose name I wish I knew cuz he's funny as hell, drops his mouth and spins his eyes around. Hart tells him his (whistles) is so hot that it---and this is the gut-buster of the century---"makes my insides want to melt". I was on the floor after that. The oral sex is done to completion, and even though this guy has allegedly never been touched by a woman, he knows to warn her of his insuing ejaculation. Listen carefully and you can hear him whisper "ok" before Old (or Young) Faithful erupts. The kid gets my giggles goin' again when he begins moaning *after* he's done being pleasured! "You have a true talent, Laura" her girlfriend tells her. As the guy, Danny, laughably contorts his face as he catches his breath. I didn't catch the rest of the film, as the first six minutes were enough for me. Though one porno actress in a field of thousands, Hart conveys an interesting sexiness about her. The way she wiggles her butt and the voice inflection on such lines as "Are you gonna (whistles), Danny?" catch your attention. Her witch like laugh is a charmer as well, heh heh. "Hehehehhehe, oh, Danny!".