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  • If you asked any of the great Bollywood actors who worked in this film whether or not it was the most fun project of their lives, they'd probably all answer "yes". Adapted from the musical "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", this film is crammed with one-liners and quotes that will ricochet in your memory eternally. The songs are amongst the best to have come out of India during that whole period, and are instantly recognisable today. Having grown up under the Amitabh umbrella and seen all of the classics, this film still shines as one of his most memorable ventures. A playful look at a family of 7 brothers living on a farm, with all it's ups and downs, tragedies and laughter, and the impressive effort by all of the cast, it's truly a gem.
  • Satte Pe Satta (1982) is the Indian remake of Hollywood movie - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954) directed by Stanley Donen and starring Howard Keel in the lead role (of the eldest of the seven brothers). It's a romantic movie showing a family of seven brothers. When the eldest brother is able to find a bride for himself, he has to do it for his six younger brothers too. Sippy Films used this story to make Hindi movie Satte Pe Satta (playing card no. 7 thrown on the opponent player's playing card no. 7) starring Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role of the eldest brother. Besides, while writing the script of this Bollywood version of the Hollywood movie, they introduced a look-alike of the eldest brother also so that Amitabh Bachchan who was on the peak of his popularity those days could play a double role in the movie.

    The title of the movie has been kept as such because of the prominence of number 7 in the movie (seven are the brothers and thereby seven brides of them also appear), else the story has nothing to do with any playing card game. It's an entertaining movie using the theme of the Hollywood movie and adding Bollywoodish formulae viz. look-alike, a conspiracy to usurp property and fight in the climax.

    The seven brothers of this movie are orphans whose names have been kept after the names of the days of a week. Well, it was the easiest way to christen themselves as there are seven days in a week. When someone asks them what they would have done had they been more than seven, they reply that in that condition, they would have christened themselves after the names of the months of a calendar year viz. January, February, March etc. So these seven brothers are named as Ravi (Amitabh Bachchan), Som (Sudhir), Mangal (Shakti Kapoor), Budh (Paintal), Guru (Kanwaljeet Singh), Shukra (Vimal Saahu) and Shani (Sachin). The eldest one, i.e., is somewhat educated and sophisticated whereas the other six are completely uneducated and uncivilized. Ravi rules them and takes work from them like bonded labourers.

    The straight day-to-day life of these brothers has been going on monotonously for years. They live in their house situated in a jungle without shaving or taking a bath or dressing up properly. Quarrels are frequent among them. Only Ravi maintains contact with the outside world and when he's in the house, he keeps on bossing them. The still water of their combined life is stirred by Ravi's encounter with Indu (Hema Maalini). After initial difficulty, Ravi is able to win Indu's heart and marries her. But when Indu comes to his house as his bride, she's taken aback by the look of her husband's household and his younger brothers. She decides to civilize them and become their instructor for this purpose. However the sight of Ravi's happy married life with Indu has created romance in the hearts of the other six brothers too. They find their brides among the friends of Indu. On one side, Ravi sets on the mission of bringing the marital happiness in his brothers' lives, on the other, a criminal conspiracy comes into existence.

    Indu's wheel-chair bound friend Seema (Ranjeeta) is an orphan whose uncle Ranjit (Amjad Khan) is having an eye on her wealth and he wants to kill Seema to usurp that. For this purpose, he hires the services of ex-jailbird Baabu (Amitabh Bachchan in double role). When he comes to know that Baabu is the look-alike of Ravi, he kidnaps Ravi and sends Baabu to his home whereas Seema is spending time with her friend Indu and her marital family. Baabu enters the household impersonating Ravi. The conclusion of the story is anybody's guess.

    While the first part of the movie is a lift from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and full of comic, romantic and emotional moments, the second part is nothing but another Bollywoodish plot of a villain's evil design to usurp a heroine's property. Quite naturally, it's the first one which is more important and serves ample entertainment to the audience. All the same, courtesy Amitabh Bachchan's comic timing and a scene specially written for this purpose, the second half has also become an entertaining one. Director Raj N. Sippy has handled the script very well and done a decent job.

    The movie features a plethora of male-female actors. Actors like Saarika and Vijayendra Ghaatage are also there in guest appearances. All including Hema Maalini and Ranjeeta have done well. It's painful to see a highly talented actor like Kanwaljeet Singh doing a side role in this movie. But ultimately the movie belongs to Amitabh Bachchan. He has got maximum screen time in his double role and he has delivered admirable performances in both the roles. Especially as Ravi, his performance is terrific and despite being known as an action hero, he has generated a treasure of laughs for the audience through his performance in that role.

    Satte Pe Satta carries immense repeat value and can be seen many times. It was a huge commercial hit when released and can prove its worth even today if re-released. It's a big treat for not just the fans of Amitabh Bachchan but all the movie buffs.
  • Satte pe satte is a copy of Seven brides for seven brothers apparently, but who cares. I have not seen the Hollywood version so I cant comment on which is better. Almost 55% of Bollywood films are borrowed from Hollywood so its no surprise. This is an amazing movie that is so funny and entertaining with added thrills. Amitabh Bachchan is the superstar of Cinema and acts superbly in this movie. Hema Malini is quite fun in this movie and acts well as usual. The remaining six brothers acted alright, the only one I know is Shakti Kapoor who is popular. Amjad Khan is the villain in this movie and as usual the veteran does a good job. The movie has some lovely music baring Mausam Mastana, Dukki pe Dukki and Pyar hume being the best. This is a movie that should appeal to all audiences because its entertaining.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let me start off by saying that Seven Wives for Seven Brothers is by far one of my favorite movies. The story. The music. The humor. The clothes. Which is why I was absolutely extatic when I found out that Satte Pe Satta is a remake of SWSB. After watching Satte Pe Satta I however felt a little disappointed and a little cheated.

    Had the makers of this movies stuck to the original SWSB, they would have ended up with a funny romantic musical. Unfortunately most Bollywood movies aren't Bollywood movies unless they contain a certain amount of dushm dushm. Which explains the introduction of an evil uncle, an evil look-a-like hitman and the foremost motive for crime - MONEY.


    Just as SWSB Satte Pe Satta is the story of the lives and loves of seven brothers. There are however eight girls. One of which is a young crippled woman who will come into her fortune at the age of 21. This spurs her evil uncle Amjad Khan (who else?) to hire a hitman who looks exactly like the oldest of the brothers, Amitabh Bachchan. If you think it's impossible for Amitabh to play a bad guy, you are absolutely right. Naturally, as all Bollywood movies this one also comes to a happy end.

    The story leaves a little to be desired for. The introduction of a thriller plot is a mistake as the original was more entertaining. The performances nonetheless remain entertaining for the first half of the movie. Hema Malini tries her best to approach the leading lady in the original SWSB, but just falls short. The second half is less entertaining because the dushm dushm takes the upper hand. Nonetheless it is a fun ride.

    ***/5 stars
  • Prismark1030 October 2015
    Bollywood has always ripped off, sorry paid homage to Hollywood films and here its the turn of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers to get the Bollywood treatment.

    Amitabh Bachchan still in his pomp plays Ravi the more educated and cultured eldest brother. The other brothers are what might be termed as 'junglee' living in the jungle.

    When Ravi gets married his wife Indu sets about straightening the brothers and getting them spruced up and tidied up.Soon the brothers are also looking to get hitched.

    Of course Bollywood films have long running time and in amongst the singing and the dancing, there has to be a dastardly villain.

    The second half of the film introduces a conspiracy plot line. Indu's wheelchair bound friend is an orphan under the care of her uncle played by Bollywood's favourite bad guy Amjad Khan who wants her money.

    Khan hire an ex-con Babu (Amitabh Bachchan in a dual role) who kidnaps Ravi and enters the house impersonating Ravi and hopefully do away with Khan's niece.

    The thriller element sits uneasily with the first part of the film but this is how the Bollywood formula works.

    The 'seven brothers' part is a lot of fun, this is a good showcase of Bollywood circa early 1980s and of course a chance to see a younger Amitabh, then the equivalent of Robert Redford/Paul Newman in India.

    This film was released just before he had a serious health issue and I believe he never reached the height of his popularity after he recovered.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Satte Pe Satta was another hit of Amitabh Bachchan and perhaps his only collaboration with Raj Sippy. The film was a remake of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. The film had a good ensemble cast of Amitabh, Shakti Kapoor, Kanwaljet, Paintal,Sudhir.etc The first half is a riot at many places like the fights between the brothers, Amitabh-Hema romance till the wedding. The Babu twist too is well handled, the drunk scene which Amitabh didn't dub for was simply superb, while the emotional scenes between brothers is also well handled, the end though being filmy works well for it's time

    Direction by Raj Sippy is good Music by RD Burman is magical, Dilbar Mere by Kishore is superb, Pyaar Humein by Kishore and an array of singers is fab, ditto for Dukki pe Dukki ho, Mausam Mastana is good too, Pariyon ka Mela Hai and Zindagi Milke Bitayenge are also fab

    Amitabh Bachchan is a natural in both roles, he portrays both the roles equally well, for the gangster's role he is given grey in his hair and also has lenses to add for the role, his expressions when he tries to kill the girl is simply fab, Annete a singer from RD Burman's troupe used to gargle to make the sound used when Babu enters which is also used by Raj Sippy in Andar Bahar(1984). Hema Malini(was pregnant during the making) is superb and her comic timing is fab as always. Kanwaljeet, Paintal, Sudhir, Shakti Kapoor all are superb Amjad Khan is as usual,Ranjeeta Kaur and others are good too
  • That's Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, for you in Hindi ! If Amitabh, and Hema Malini were not there in the lead role, this movie, perhaps would have fallen flat on it's nose ! But it's the dual role of Amitabh, one as a simpleton, hard-working, duty-conscious, loving brother, and the other, a contract killer at that ! Unable to manage his unruly, filthy, and lazy seven brothers, now what was Family Planning workers were doing all this time , one may wonder ? Amitabh also manages to win the love of a nurse, played by Hema, and gets her into marrying him, finally, though she is negative in the beginning, and brings her to his farm house ! She is hardly aware, of what's in store for her ! Those grown-up in age, but little kids in behavior , one more than half-a - dozen brothers, she is practically in tears ! But perhaps it's her profession, which comes to her rescue, while making these useless young men, into clean, neat, tidy, and smart fellows ! Amitabh is also surprised at this make-over, and loves his wife even more ! And then there is a twist ! our real hero is replaced by a duplicate, who has only the color of his eyes different than the original one ! and that can be managed,by the contact lenses, isn't it ? Then follow all the essential ingredients of a block buster ! The confusion, the torture by the villain, and the climax !

    Ranjeeta, that talented actress, who played her first role as Laila, with Rishi kapur, enacts a handicapped , rich girl ! Amzad Khan is good as her uncle, who wants to kill her in an organized accident, and swallow her wealth ! The choreography is good, all have done their parts quite well, and the plot line includes some moments, when the replaced hero does not take the advantage of his position ! But some how, the movie did not make that well on the box ! Perhaps, the Indian audience could not digest the very concept of a young , married woman , playing elder sister to such grown up boys, and being so close to them, physically as well, to even make them bathe ! Though this is some thing different than the usual sing and dance situations, perhaps the number seven should not have been copied to such an extent ! If you sit and enjoy this one, without remembering the original, go ahead, you will not repent , after all, there is Amitabh in it !