Eric: We never should have followed that bitch in here.

Morgan: Quiet, barnacle. It was those land-lubbers that led us into this trap.

Prince Talon: I have no quarrel with you. Out of my way.

Xusia: Cromwell is mine!

Prince Talon: Now we have a quarrel.

[last lines]

Prince Talon: Come now, let's be off. There's a battle in the offing! We've got kingdoms to save and women to love!

Guard: Beat it, kid, or die.

Prince Talon: That's a small threat. That's a very small threat.

Prince Mikah: You're mad.

Titus Cromwell: Perhaps.

Princess Alana: Is your sword for hire?

Prince Talon: I hope so.

[Darius. and the soldiers plan to rescue Talon from Cromwell's dungeon]

Elizabeth: Let me go with you.

[Darius shakes his head]

Elizabeth: I know the way into the castle.

Darius: Tell me the way.

Elizabeth: I beg you, let me take you to him.

[Darius agrees]

Darius: Take a sword.

[Next scene: The soldiers have all been captured]

Eric: We should never have followed that wench in here.

Titus Cromwell: I will allow you to live as long as you serve me. Betray me, and I will joyfully send you back to rot in hell.

[to the Sorcerer]

Titus Cromwell: How do we know a toad like you even has the power to aid us?